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Routeware on-board computer choices include heavy-duty tablets and thin Samsung Galaxy-class tablets. Tablets include all necessary cabling, mounts, cradles, skins, and power devices. With rugged designs and driver-friendly screens, these systems capture pickups, skips, extras, breaks, landfill activity, pre/post trip inspections, and more.

Optional “smart-truck” accessories like digital cameras, RFID, scale interfaces, and PTO events work together to create a complete routing system that can manage your fleet, drivers, and routes in real-time. Whether you choose Windows or Android, thick tablets or thin, 8″ or 10″ tablets, you’ll get vibrant screens, turn-by-turn directions, mapping, messaging, signature capture, timers, and optional features like picture service and video service.



Routeware Control Center (RCC), Routeware’s back-office product, can create and dispatch work orders and routes, monitor route progress, store service histories, track vehicles and drivers, play-back routes, create geofences, show breadcrumb trails, and display hundreds of reports.

This web-based back-office application features a unique, easy-to-use monitoring technique called a Heatmap that presents real-time dashboards and alerts that ensure routes, drivers, and vehicles are operating within their targeted parameters.

Heatmaps flash red, yellow, or green as drivers meet or miss predefined targets for certain metrics including route completion status.

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What is the point of measuring if you don’t compare results to targets? Routeware is the only vendor in waste automation that enables you to set targets for dozens of metrics route-by-route.

Target-setting lets you define the standard for how drivers behave AND track how well they’re doing. Example: if you have a driver that is speeding, or idling too long, or taking more breaks than target, Routeware will alert you in real-time. This leads to evidence-based coaching that is tailored to the needs of each driver. Tracking historical performance relative to target is an important element of optimizing driver performance.

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Routeware exchanges data bi-directionally with standard billing systems and route management systems (RMS) that are widely used including AMCS Tower, TRUX, Soft-Pak, Encore, and Innoprise. If you don’t use a system with an existing interface, we’ll create a custom interface just for you.

We accept routes, work orders, and customer data from your
systems and deliver them electronically to drivers in trucks.
Abandon paper route sheets and stop re-keying data into billing systems. You’ll cut labor costs, while avoiding errors and service issues.

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Why select one vendor for fleet automation and another for video recording when you can have one vendor do both for less money over one cellular connection? Android tablet users can record video using the same cameras that we deploy for taking pictures.

Record G-force events, speeding events, and more. Videos are stored on the in-cab DVR and are accessible in the back office when needed.

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Routeware picture service documents safety issues, upsell
opportunities, and events that are normally challenged by customers like skips (container blocked or not out), and charges for extra bags/ yards or services. Routeware will store that picture for future reference AND pass it immediately to your billing/customer service system.

Is your customer complaining about a skip or extra charge? Send them a picture that proves that your driver attempted service or collected an extra unit of waste.

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Would you like to shorten the amount of time each driver spends between clock-in and first customer action? How about the time between a driver’s last action and the time that they clock-out?

Tracking time between clock-in and route start, and route end to clock-out can help recapture wasted shift time. Save as much as 30 minutes per day per route by linking time clocks and Routeware. Reduce unnecessary overtime pay and eliminate inefficiency.

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Routeware can read information from popular scale manufacturers like Vulcan, Loadman, and Airweigh. Information recorded by these vendors’ sensors can also be collected by Routeware so that you can match this data instantly to other data collected by Routeware for a route.

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Drivers like using the on-board Routeware system. But, sometimes it’s best to let computers do the work. Fork sensors automatically log when a customer has been serviced so no further action is required by the driver. Service verification is performed by the sensors and relayed to your back office. You’ll have geo-coded evidence of a lift that proves you were there to service the customer.

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Routeware can put your pre/post trip checklists on our on-board computers. Doing so can eliminate paper shuffling or the need for separate technology. Routeware tracks checklist activity in our back-office product so that you can see who has performed the inspection, when they did it, and see what exceptions have been noted.

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If you or your container vendor have attached RFID tags to your containers and you’ve associated tag IDs with your customers in your billing system, then you may be ready to verify service automatically using Routeware and your billing system provider. Third-party RFID readers that are tested and installed by Routeware can automatically sense when a container has been lifted. RFID readers can be used with our thick or thin tablets, or with Routeware’s most basic tracking devices.

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Routeware Basic is an affordable starting point for companies who aren’t ready for tablets or route sheet automation but want real-time GPS tracking and state-of-the-art tracking. This service features a small device that is placed out of sight on a vehicle. It can support numerous “smart-truck” features like monitoring Power Take Off (PTO), RFID, and much more.

Basic service can be a stepping stone to more advanced features as your needs grow. Track vehicle location, speed, and basic vehicle diagnostics along with idle times and other metrics.

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Back-office users of the Routeware Control Center have extensive mapping capabilities. Every route can be visible at the same time so you can detect route overlap or irregularities. Street view, map view, traffic view, and other views are available to the user.

Play back any route that happens today, yesterday, or a year ago so that you can see where pick-ups, skips, misses, extras, speeding events, G-force events, or other events occurred. Geo-fence school zones or other areas and track when trucks go in or out of those areas.

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Have you ever known employees to improve without coaching and training? Routeware’s Big Data application Routeware DPO™ (Driver Performance Optimizer) analyzes historical data to discover how each route can be more profitable.

Then Routeware generates individualized coaching instructions so that you can give each driver the coaching they need, so that you can capture more profit on each route.