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SB 1383 Compliance Data as Fuel for Behavior Change

Watch Lisa Coelho from Routeware, Alan Ha, Administrative Analyst II for the City of Milpitas, and Izchel Pulido, the sustainability specialist for the City of San Ramon, discuss the success of the Recyclist Program Tracker at the 2023 CRRA.

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Routeware Software for Solid Waste

The City of Waco Solid Waste Services has added useful tools – Routeware’s Route Optimization, Smart Truck, and Back Office solutions. Check out the City of Waco Productions video today!

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Routeware UK - Digitally Transforming Waste

Making better use of your data, automating manual tasks, and servicing customers online.

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Recyclist Program Tracker Demo with Natalie Kiyasu

The Recyclist program tracker is a cutting edge cloud based solution built with municipal solid waste program managers in mind. Let Natalie Kiyasu, Solutions Consultant, walk you through some of the highlights through the dashboard.

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Recyclist Joins The Routeware Family

We’re excited to announce that Recyclist’s cutting-edge commercial outreach and compliance software, the Program Tracker, is now a part of the Routeware family.

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The Program Tracker - Recyclist & Routeware

The Recyclist Program Tracker is an excellent solution for any entity required to report on municipal requirements, including waste haulers who may assist with these requirements on behalf of their service areas.