Our Customers Do Some Amazing Things

Explore our customers’ stories, and share our love for their commitment, perseverance and dedication to solid waste
Our customers do some amazing things. With the help of our technology, they serve their communities by providing essential waste and recycling services that protect our planet and generate profits to build a greener future for everyone.

City of Waco, Texas

The City of Waco, Texas has grown by 15% over the last decade, and software for fleet management helped the City scale services, streamline process, and reduce call volumes.The City of Waco, Texas has grown by 15% over the last decade, and software for fleet management helped the City scale services, streamline process, and reduce call volumes.


City of Waterloo, Iowa

The City of Waterloo reconciled its billing and inventory systems with the reality of carts in the field using RFID and service verification.

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Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska

Increased collection efficiency enabled the Municipality of Anchorage to launch and scale a new organics collection program from 120 to 2,000 customers over four years.


Casella Waste Systems (EasyRoute)

Casella Waste Systems, Inc., headquartered in Rutland, Vermont relies on EasyRoute to capture key productivity measures and right-size fleets across growing divisions serving the northeastern United States.


City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

With in-cab computers and enhanced driver-to-office communication, the City of Grand Rapids reduced go-backs to one in 4,000 collections to save on wear-and-tear, fuel, and labor costs.


City of Lexington, Kentucky (Routeware)

When analog processes couldn’t meet growing service demand, the City of Lexington embraced fleet automation and was able to eliminate 10 trucks and recoup costs in a year.


City of Lexington, Kentucky (EasyRoute)

In growing Lexington, route optimization software sped up the route design process threefold, resulting in balanced routes across one million collection points.


Town of Cary, North Carolina

With an online calendar and search tool that tells residents what’s recyclable — or not —Cary reduced contamination by about 3% in six months and saved over $20,000 in print costs.


Gaeta Green Environmental Services, New York

One of New York City’s top carting companies, Gaeta Green in Staten Island, N.Y. has decreased fleet driven and carbon emissions while enhancing safety for staff and customers.


Pride Disposal and Recycling Company, Oregon

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Pride Disposal adopted smart truck technology ahead of the curve, avoiding some of the most common growing pains among private haulers.


City of Austin, Texas

Replacing paper calendars with digital collection reminders saves the City $66,000 each year and helps residents recycle more to meet the community’s zero-waste goals.


City of Weslaco, Texas

The City of Weslaco, Texas transformed its twice-weekly trash collection into a fully functional, successful, City-driven trash program staffed by knowledgeable drivers.


City of Loveland, Colorado

Find out how the growing city of Loveland, Colorado, balanced routes to improve customer service and lower fleet costs.


City of Peoria, Arizona

The City of Peoria, a suburb of Phoenix, is using fleet technology to verify service, log unpaid customers, and recapture revenue — about $134,000 per year.


Meridian Waste, Charlotte, North Carolina

Meridian Waste, a growing private hauler headquartered in Charlotte, freed up 34% of its collection vehicles and eliminated 26% of its collection routes with true route optimization.


City of Medicine Hat, Alberta

The City of Medicine Hat, Alberta, trains new drivers faster and transformed operations that formerly relied on paper and staff memory with technology.


American Refuse (CORE)

American Refuse, in Wasco, Calif., uses technology to improve customer service, increase revenue, improve efficiency, and empower drivers to complete routes efficiently and effectively.

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