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On-Board Computers for an Integrated Waste Management System

Maximize fleet productivity using in-cab computers/tablets and performance analytics

On-Board Computers

Enhance driver safety and productivity through in-cab waste collection technology

Replace paper worksheets with touch screen tablets to track vehicles, automatically collect performance data, onboard drivers faster, and reduce stress for all your staff.

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On-Board Computers For Your Fleet

Our integrated waste management system features live dashboards and reports that show where drivers are, exceptions and issues on their route, which drivers dispatchers can assign work to, and service history for each address.

Power Productivity

See driver productivity, route efficiency, and performance metrics, created with real-world data collected from your trucks.

Improve Service

Customer relationship management features help you improve customer service with up-to-date route information for drivers, and rich service history for office teams.

Route Management

Garbage route optimization lets you instantly move stops between routes or schedule route changes for a later date.

Capture Revenue

Billing software features let you collect accurate service verification, scale readings, and easy-to-share photos to correctly bill customers.

Key Features

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Talk with a product expert about enhancing the efficiency of your fleets through integrated waste management systems built solely for the waste industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers:

Some customers call what we do a Route Management Solution (RMS), some call it their Fleet Management Solution (FMS), but all call it invaluable. Routeware combines on-board computers used by drivers in the cab, multiple “smart truck” peripherals such as sensors and on-board video camera technology, and a back-office portal for office staff to manage day-to-day activity and analyze organizational performance. This is the framework of an integrated waste management system, with every step monitored and optimized by Routeware’s ecosystem of waste management components. 

Poor integration is one of the main reasons software implementations fail. Routeware’s reputation for customer satisfaction is built on an open and modular solutions architecture, pre-built integrations to many common systems, experience in connecting to hundreds of third-party applications, and custom tools for faster and more reliable integrations. Ultimately, this means we can most likely integrate with your current systems, or at least ease any pain points within the transition process to ensure you’re at your most optimized operational level.

While some drivers may have initial concerns about being spied on, once these drivers are up and running with in-cab technology, for most their in-cab computer becomes a tool they wouldn’t be without. There are many reasons for this, but increased autonomy and fewer arguments about what happened at a stop are two of the big ones.  

The savings organizations make by introducing on-board computers, camera technology, and process automations massively outweigh the cost. Each truck can do more work, go-backs and customer service admin fall away, and increased income from chargeable services adds to the payback. We have a calculator that can quantify these savings for your organization. Running an integrated waste management system like ours strips away so many of the inefficiencies plaguing your organization, while helping to give you insights into how to scale your business even further. 

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