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Medical Waste Software

Easily plan, track, and report your medical waste pick up, transport, and billing.

Gain scalability, dependability, security, and real-time information with an end-to-end waste technology solution.

Eliminate paper and gain efficiency

Medical waste manifests are recorded and viewable by your back office and customers in real time using any Apple or Android device. No more waiting on driver updates or worries about lost paperwork.


Digital form for medical waste tracking, showcasing the elimination of paper-based processes and increased efficiency in waste management.
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Reduce fleet operational and maintenance costs

Optimize routes up to 30 days in advance, view each route’s estimated duration and distance, provide recommendations to increase route density, and easily assign and move customers to a route.


Get paid faster

Medical waste manifest information is immediately sent to the billing center after each customer is served, streamlining invoice and payment processing. Customers can view and pay their invoices and conveniently store their credit card or ACH information online — allowing payment processes to run automatically as invoices are created.


Computer screen displaying Routeware's medical waste management software with a feature for fast and efficient invoicing, highlighting quicker payment processing.
"Dashboard of Routeware's medical waste management software highlighting strategies to maximize profitability.

Maximize your profitability

Access hundreds of out-of-the-box and customer reports to run your business better. Maximize profits with accounting reports — including reports on sales taxes, sales commissions, late fees, one-time fees, and AutoPay. Plus, gain valuable insights and make smarter decisions with helpful customer service and sales trend reports.


Stand out from your competitors

Routeware’s medical waste software includes a training library of nearly 20 OSHA courses to support you and your customers. Contact our team for details.

100% Cloud-Based Medical Waste Software

Optimize costs

Easier, faster, and more accurate billing


Stay compliant

A comprehensive online OSHA compliance program for you and your customers

Streamline operations

A single solution for medical waste companies


Ready to improve and enhance your waste operations?

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Control costs and optimize fleets

Meet operational and safety demands

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Comply with government regulations