Empower Drivers to Work Faster, Safer and More Efficiently

With our high performance on-board computers built by waste professionals for waste professionals.

Equip your drivers with technology that helps them work safer and more efficiently.

Replace paper worksheets with touch screen tablets built specifically for waste trucks. Automatically track your vehicles and collect performance data and build a high-performance organization.

Reduce go-backs with service confirmation

Use GPS data, photos, and even video to prove that your driver made the collection— or show the reason it was skipped, and avoid costly returns to the same locations.

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Plug revenue leaks
by billing for extras

Stop servicing people that haven’t paid their bill and use Routeware to record extra collections that customers should be paying for, but aren’t.

Reduce paper use with
digital route sheets

Eliminate the high cost of printing and preparing paper route sheets and maps by using digital route information and turn-by-turn navigation on in-cab tablets.

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Routeware mapping software on computer

Manage unforeseen events with helper routes

Quickly regain control when breakdowns happen by using drag-and-drop helper routes to easily move stops and work orders from truck to truck.

Support drivers with data-driven coaching

Help drivers continuously improve the productivity and profitability of their routes with easy to understand, personalized information based on real-world route performance data.

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Customer Return on Investment


fewer customer
service escalations


more lifts
per route


trucks taken
off the road

In Lexington, Fleet Automation Paid For Itself

When analog processes couldn’t meet growing service demand, the City of Lexington, Ky.
embraced fleet automation to eliminate 10 collection vehicles and recoup costs in a year.

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