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Route Scheduling Software

Drive efficiency and better customer service on scheduled waste and recycling routes

Route Scheduling Software

Effortlessly manage and optimize routes

Keep your regular routes efficient and under control as your business scales and customer numbers grow.

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Intelligent and intuitive routing and scheduling

Easily view and update scheduled routes across all lines of business.

Service Scheduling

Find out if a new customer is within your service area before you complete the order.

Route Density

Find nearby customers to new accounts to build dense and efficient scheduled routes.

Route Management

Instantly move stops between routes or schedule route changes for a later date.

Route Balancing

Balance routes to increase efficiency by driving time or driving distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers:

Solid waste haulers use routing and scheduling software to plan routes that operate on a regular schedule, such as residential or commercial waste collections. Adding and removing stops, assigning to drivers, calculating efficient sequences, and making sure routes can be done on time all require purpose-built solid waste routing software.

Yes. Routeware is the leading supplier of in-cab tablet computers for solid waste haulers. Our back-office route management systems are all tightly integrated with the on-board computers to ensure a single source of robust data, and efficiency and productivity for both drivers and office teams.

Routeware is the leading supplier of route optimization to the solid waste industry. And our integrated systems make it much easier for haulers to optimize routes. Whether it’s adding new stops to routes, rebalancing work between trucks, or a full re-route of thousands of properties, we can help you minimize vehicle numbers without disrupting your service.

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