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Our digital appointment booking solution simplifies drop-off events by eliminating the need for curbside pickup.

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Hassle-Free Appointment Bookings for Drop-Off Events

Enable people to book appointments at drop-off events, ideal for household hazardous waste and electronics drop-off events
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Streamline Customer Contact

Anytime Access

Let people self-serve, initiating residential service, scheduling bulky and extra items, household hazardous waste, yard waste, and making changes (new cart sizes and repair requests).

Accelerate Growth

Allow people to start service, select a preferred collection date or automatically select one based on a collection schedule, container size and/or geographic location.

Capture Revenue

Get paid faster with Online Payments! Our Stripe credit card integration allows you to collect payment before collecting bulky items, which means boosting participation through ease of use.

Increase Efficiency

Integrate with our routing software to prepare dispatchers for upcoming collection days and plan the most efficient route for pickups. Save up to 50% on fuel and maintenance costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers
No, with our service, you can avoid the need for phone calls. But don’t just take our word for it – hear from a satisfied customer. According to Jim Reingruber, Assistant Solid Waste Director for Administration for the City of Durham, North Carolina, they were able to set their own schedules using our tool. For example, if a driver is going on vacation, they can adjust the available slots for bulky pickup to ensure crews are not overworked. This capability allows supervisors to care for their crews and maintain a reasonable workload while still serving customers as promised.
Residents can easily and quickly cancel their collection. Residents can schedule their collections online and can choose the day and time for pickup. Even if their item is already gone before the scheduled pickup day, they receive a reminder asking if they still want the pickup or if they want to cancel. This efficient system saves unnecessary trips for the waste management team and opens up slots for others to schedule pickups.
Yes, you can! Our service includes an Online Payments feature with credit card payment integration through Stripe. Enabling Online Payments offers a convenient and effective way to capture revenue and offset program costs while encouraging increased participation in your waste management program.

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