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Recycling Education Software

Provide recycling education to change recycling behavior and reduce contamination and wishcycling with the most trusted digital recycling search engine in the industry. If you’ve ever wondered how to educate the public about recycling, this is your solution.

Recycling Education | How to Educate the Public About Recycling | Garbage Wizard

Engage, Educate and Delight

Lower contamination and wishcycling with digital outreach and education! Get instant “address specific” instructions on which bin to use or where to drop off items. Eliminate costly printed materials and reduce inbound calls through a recycling education product tailored to you and your customers.

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Easy to use for anyone, help people quickly learn what goes in what bin.

Instant Updates

Waste sorting information provides instant updates on what goes in what bin and how to dispose of top offenders.

Accurate Disposal

Predictive search and synonym detection within the recycling education software provides accurate instructions on how to dispose of materials in your area.


Add, modify, and delete items and their instructions anytime & Include drop-off locations and the items they accept

Real-Time Analytics

Detailed statistics on how the tool is being used with our activity and reporting dashboard.

Key Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers

We understand that your rules may differ from the standard ones, and that’s why we offer custom branding and custom building options. Whatever specifications you require, we are dedicated to catering to your specific needs, ensuring that our recycling education solution aligns with your unique rules and requirements.

One common issue in waste management is contamination, which occurs when people mistakenly assume the correct bin for an item. Our Sorting Waste Game provides a solution by allowing you to easily test people’s understanding of recycling and identify common misconceptions. With the data collected from the game, you can build targeted campaigns and “course correct” people’s recycling behavior, helping to educate and engage your community effectively.

Absolutely! As more people play the Waste Sorting Game, you will accumulate valuable data that reveals the frequency of incorrect guesses. This data provides insights into areas where people may be getting recycling wrong. As someone providing recycling education, this information becomes a valuable resource, empowering you to design targeted campaigns based on that knowledge, re-educating people and teaching them how to recycle properly.

We understand that nobody is perfect all the time. That’s why we’ve incorporated our “fuzzy” search technology, which allows us to deliver accurate instructions regardless of typos or misspellings, ensuring users still receive the information they need.

Static, printed content is susceptible to becoming outdated, easily lost or recycled, and it contributes to a negative environmental impact through printing. By utilizing our service, you can stay connected to people in real time, promptly informing and educating them about new and important changes within your programs. Additionally, you can easily access detailed statistics and analytics on the most searched items and more, providing valuable insights for your initiatives.

Our powerful technology includes a region-based filtering feature. When residents search for information based on their address, our system will display different answers specific to their location, ensuring accurate and relevant instructions based on their region.

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