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Streamline Business Growth With Data and Automation

Gain a competitive advantage with technology products built by haulers, for haulers.
Routeware’s suite of digital products for solid waste help high-performance private haulers accelerate operational excellence and deliver on their automation strategy. Grow your business faster and stay ahead of the competition by delighting your customers with great service — all while keeping operating costs in check.

Plug revenue leaks by billing for extras

Stop serving people who haven’t paid their bill — and use Routeware to record extra collections that customers should be paying for but aren’t.

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Municipal Solid Waste Management Software | City Waste Management Software

Make pick-ups faster with automated workflows

Reduce the time drivers take at each stop by automating tasks such as confirming service completion and taking a photo of an issue.

Reduce accidents and claims with video evidence

Get insight into the causes of accidents to prevent them, and provide robust video evidence to investigators when third parties make false claims.

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Make billing easier with automated workflows

Grow your business without racking up costs by automating pricing, invoicing, and payment workflows while analyzing service performance and costs.

Share information across your teams

Give your teams the data and knowledge they need to be more productive with all-in-one billing and enterprise management — as well as tight integration to the rest of your systems.

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Improve customer experience with online payments

Let customers pay for services online when it’s convenient for them using ACH, credit card, or regular auto-payments.

Meridian Waste Crop

Software solutions empower Meridian Waste to grow

Find out how private hauler Meridian Waste, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. freed up 34% of its collection fleet and reduced miles and emissions by 21%.

Customer Return On Investment


Heavy return on investment is one of the reasons customers choose our solutions.

6 Months

Additional revenue captured  in half a year with our solution can pay for automation.


Fewer service escalations means happier customers and less time on the road.

Ready to improve and enhance your waste operations?

Take the next step. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about how you can:

Control costs and optimize fleets

Meet operational and safety demands

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Comply with government regulations