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Smart Truck Automation

Streamline driver workflow with reliable smart truck technologies and automations

Smart Truck Automation

Collect reliable fleet data with less driver interaction

Reduce manual inputs and process friction to make collections faster, service verification more accurate, and work safer and more satisfying for drivers.

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Make pick-ups faster with automated workflows

Reduce the time drivers take at each stop by automating tasks such as confirming service, recording data, or taking a photo.

Touchless Service Verification

Achieve confirmation your team can rely on with accurate sensor-based service verification.

Automated Photo Capture

Let drivers take pictures without leaving the cab using 360-degree vehicle-mounted cameras.

Reduce Go-Backs

Keep track of containers and reliably detect when each collection has been made.

Scale Integration

Use fork scale integration to automatically record container weights and bill customers correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers:

Integrated automations and smart truck features take manual steps out of collecting additional data you need to be more productive. On-board computers alone, as other vendors provide, only give you part of the picture.

Our technology provides a level of accuracy not achievable with other service confirmation methods, which use less reliable criteria to assume a collection has been made. We use vehicle location, container location, and sensor-based triggers to provide reliable service verification.

Routeware’s fleet automation technologies increases the ROI of on-board computers by improving driver productivity, automating data collection and reporting, helping office staff deal with calls and complaints faster, stopping revenue leaks, and reducing accident and driver distraction.

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