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Enhance Sustainability And Lower Your Operational Footprint

By leveraging our solid waste technology products to drive efficiency, automate operations and engage your audience

Deliver on your sustainability strategy by cutting carbon emissions and helping reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. Reduce the number of vehicles you use through more effective route design — and stop wasting fuel on go-backs by capturing better data. Increase participation and reduce contamination in your recycling programs by teaching residents how to recycle right.

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Use fewer trucks to lower emissions

Balance work more effectively among routes to deliver your services with fewer trucks, less fuel, and lower emissions.

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Recycle more by cutting contamination

Help people quickly find out how to recycle or dispose of items correctly by using mobile apps and website tools to see what goes where.

Increase diversion to reduce landfilling

Teach people how to recycle materials properly and divert materials away from landfills with what-goes-where apps.

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Deliver success on new recycling routes

Reduce program roll-out confusion and increase participation in new recycling streams, such as organics, by using route optimization to design services that perform.

Drive more sustainable driver behavior with personalized coaching

Help drivers continuously improve the efficiency and sustainability of their routes with easy to understand, personalized information based on real-world route performance data.

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Reduce paper use with digital route sheets

Eliminate the printing of paper route sheets and maps by using digital route information and turn-by-turn navigation on in-cab tablets.

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The City of Austin reaches for zero-waste goal

Replacing paper calendars with digital collection reminders encourages recycling participation and saves $66,000 every year.

Customer Return On Investment


Heavy return on investment is one of the reasons customers choose our solutions.

6 Months

Additional revenue captured  in half a year with our solution can pay for automation.


Fewer service escalations means happier customers and less time on the road.

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