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Route Optimization Software for Solid Waste

Quickly and easily design more efficient routes

Route Optimization for Solid Waste

Build better routes to do more with less

Optimize routes to improve fleet efficiency, reduce expenses, boost resilience, and enhance customer service.

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Easy-to-Use Tools: Route Optimization for Solid Waste

Hundreds of waste and environmental service experts worldwide use our tool to plan and optimize collection routes.

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of customer disruption when introducing new routes and recycling streams by using real-world data to design your routes.

Increase Sustainability

Cut the carbon emissions and environmental impact of your operations by using fewer trucks and burning less fuel.

Increase Efficiency

Balance work more effectively between routes to accommodate growth or deliver existing services using fewer trucks.

Enhance Service

Keep residents and businesses happy by preventing overstretched routes resulting in poor customer service.

Key Features

Steps to Better Collection Routes

Building Routes with Tomorrow in Mind

Read how three organizations increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer service using route optimization software.

What Routeware Can Do For You



Create Customer Engagement



Typically, organizations save between 15 and 25% on fuel costs with Routeware Route Optimization software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers:

Route design is complex, but your route optimization software shouldn’t be. Routeware is easy enough for solid waste and environmental professionals to use directly, meaning you don’t need to rely on expensive GIS colleagues or consultants. However, given the underlying complexity that must be dealt with, we never leave our customers with the impression that route optimization is simple. The easiest way to tackle a complex problem is what we offer.

Many of our customers have used our software to make changes to driver shift patterns and get greater productivity from their vehicle fleet. It’s great way to reduce costs without reducing service levels. Our software allows planners and managers to evaluate different scenarios quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that each option can be delivered. This removes the risk of customer disruption and increases driver buy-in.

Several fast-growing haulers use our Route Optimization for Solid Waste​ software to help them consolidate solid waste collection routes during mergers and acquisitions. The software allows them to make change to existing routes or design new routes to increase route density and productivity and reduce time and resource requirements. Importantly, this can be done with appropriate constraints to minimize disruption to customers and drivers.

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