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Your Waste Program, Reimagined

Our digital technology helps our customers put waste and recycling at the heart of their strong, smart, sustainable communities
Improve the quality of services for your residents while reducing costs and increasing resilience in your public works operations. By engaging residents with digital tools and services, you can facilitate better recycling behavior and lower call volumes – creating smarter, more sustainable local communities.

Reduce go-backs with service confirmation

Use GPS data, photos and even video to prove that your driver made the collection — or show the reason it was skipped and avoid costly returns to the same locations.

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Cut customer calls with photo and video

Use 360-degree vehicle-mounted cameras to collect high-quality pictures and video that help resolve complaints quickly and reduce the likelihood of future customer calls.

Reduce contamination with the Waste Wizard

Help people quickly find out how to recycle or dispose of items correctly by using the mobile app and website tool to see what goes where.

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Reduce disruption on new service routes

Reduce the risk of disruption when introducing new routes and recycling streams: Use real-world data and enterprise route optimization to design accurate, achievable service routes.

Get actionable insights with data analytics

Use powerful data analytics to drive impactful changes to your service operations and recycling programs, targeting resources to areas that matter most.

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Improve safety with video driver coaching

Use multi-angle video alongside telematic information to more effectively coach drivers on specific aspects of their driving.

Anchorage, Alaska skyline

Municipality of Anchorage tackles organic waste

Find out how this 30-truck municipal hauler leveraged automation efficiencies to launch and scale a new organics collection program.

Customer Return On Investment


Heavy return on investment is one of the reasons customers choose our solutions.

6 Months

Additional revenue captured  in half a year with our solution can pay for automation.


Fewer service escalations means happier customers and less time on the road.

Ready to improve and enhance your waste operations?

Take the next step. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about how you can:

Control costs and optimize fleets

Meet operational and safety demands

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Comply with government regulations