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Build a Safer Workforce

With the solid waste industry’s most respected technology safety tools for municipalities and private haulers
Make waste collection safer for your workforce and safer for the communities you work within by identifying and mitigating risks before they cause an accident. When incidents do occur, investigate more thoroughly to prevent them from happening in the future.

Build safer routes with optimization

Use the experience and expertise of your drivers to build better, safer routes, then share with your on-board computers to systemize best practices.

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Keep everyone safe with rear-view cameras

Provide greater visibility to drivers when backing up so they are more aware of potential dangers and less likely to have an accident.

Make driving safer with zero-touch automation

Keep your drivers’ focus where it should be by using sensors and GPS to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for drivers to push a button.

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Municipal Solid Waste Management Software | City Waste Management Software

Coach for safer driving with data and video

Help drivers continuously improve safety and best practice on their route with personalized performance data and video.

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Route optimization empowers growth for Meridian Waste

See how a growing private hauler headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. freed up 34% of its collection fleet and reduced route miles and emissions by 21%.

Customer Return On Investment


Heavy return on investment is one of the reasons customers choose our solutions.

6 Months

Additional revenue captured  in half a year with our solution can pay for automation.


Fewer service escalations means happier customers and less time on the road.

Ready to improve and enhance your waste operations?

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Control costs and optimize fleets

Meet operational and safety demands

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Comply with government regulations