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Calendars and Schedules

Instantly notify individuals of upcoming collection days on their everyday devices, eliminating the need for paper reminders.

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Digitize and Automate your Waste Collection Calendar

Efficiently streamline your waste collection processes with our dependable digital tool that offers instant notifications for upcoming collection days. Keep your audience informed about upcoming events and provide educational content to increase recycling, decrease support calls, and reduce contamination.
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Streamline Your Curbside Collection with Digital Calendars

Elimination of printed calendars

Convenient schedule access through address search on website or mobile app

Instant notifications

Weekly reminders of service disruptions due to weather, mechanical issues, or holidays

Lower call volume

Save time and money by enabling self-service. When people know their collection day and get notified of schedule changes, they call less with questions.

Real-Time Analytics

Detailed statistics on how the tool is being used with our activity and reporting dashboard.

Key Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers
While your schedule may typically remain unchanged, unforeseen events like inclement weather and labour strikes can still cause unexpected disruptions. Additionally, many residents often experience challenges such as losing printed materials or forgetting which bin to put out on specific days. Our service addresses these common issues, providing solutions and convenience for both schedule changes and resident forgetfulness.
Printed calendars and educational materials come with several drawbacks. They can be costly and time-consuming to create, and their effectiveness diminishes over time. Moreover, they have a negative environmental impact. Printed calendars lack the flexibility to accommodate unforeseen weather events, labor strikes, and other schedule changes, as well as the ability to promptly notify your residents about such updates. Our service addresses these limitations by offering real-time schedule adjustments and instant notifications to keep your residents informed and engaged.
We offer custom branding and building options to cater to your specific needs and specifications. Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate the unique rules and requirements you have.

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