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The Routeware Brand Story

We are Routeware

With offices throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Routeware today represents the single source for proven, integrated solutions for fleet automation and engagement.

As our customers rapidly adopt solutions across our powerful, purpose-built portfolio, we continue to intentionally expand while providing the best customer experience and outcomes in the industry.

How it started

Routeware was founded in Portland, Oregon over 20 years ago. Right from the start, we have been focused on providing municipalities and private haulers with technology for their solid waste fleets.

More, better

As customers embedded our technology in their operations, they began to ask how Routeware could help them address more challenges — and whether we could help integrate different systems.

To fulfill these needs, we developed new capabilities, found innovative ways to apply technologies such as real-time video to solid waste collection, and acquired some of the best solid waste software products in the market — then integrated them with our solutions.

These acquisitions add significantly to the quantity and quality of Routeware’s experience in the waste industry. They also allow us to provide enhanced service to our customers, including industry-leading route optimization and more products and features to fulfill special waste needs.

All together now

In order to support our growth strategy, we have pursued several acquisitions. Our initial acquisition was EasyRoute and its parent company Webaspx, which provide top-notch route optimization software for solid waste collection and sweeping street services. This software allows our customers to optimize their routes, resulting in cost savings, performance improvements, and risk reduction. We have also acquired two back-office system suppliers to extend our integrations and partnerships, allowing more data sharing. Core Computing Solutions provides access to one of the most trusted waste ERP systems, which handles customer billing, inventory tracking, and financial and operational reporting. RouteOptix provides similar capabilities, focusing on special waste haulers such as liquid and hazardous waste.

Andrews Software, Inc. is another recent acquisition, which has provided us with expertise in document management and destruction, as well as disposal of highly regulated medical waste.

In 2021, we teamed up with ReCollect, the leading provider of self-serve tools for recycling education and outreach. Our partnership with ReCollect allows us to assist municipalities and private haulers in better communicating with their constituents, reducing recycling contamination and lowering call volumes through custom-branded mobile apps and website tools. ReCollect integrates with various back-office systems, providing a single solution for customer-facing communication.

Our most recent acquisition is Recyclist, which develops cloud-based solutions to simplify solid waste program management. Recyclist software empowers citizens, municipalities, and businesses with the information they need to move toward a more sustainable future. Recyclist products are used by waste haulers and cities, offering innovative ways to track commercial outreach and compliance and providing new visibility into waste stream data.

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