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Become a Smart City

Innovative cities and municipalities use data capture and analysis to increase sustainability and service outcomes for their communities while freeing up dollars for civic investment elsewhere. By using smart city technology to automate process workflows and create data-driven performance management and design processes, solid waste and public works teams can lead the way in delivering on your smart city agenda.

Get reliable service confirmation with sensor-based verification

Reduce go-backs and bill for extra collections by using lift sensors or RFID readers to reliably detect when a pick-up has been made.

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Use real-world data to drive service strategy

Accurately assess the costs and benefits of different service options as you vary frequencies, change shift patterns, swap vehicles, and move yards.

Improve resident feedback with photo and video

Use 360-degree vehicle-mounted cameras to collect high-quality pictures and video that help resolve customer complaints quickly and reduce likelihood of future calls.

Municipal Solid Waste Management Software | City Waste Management Software
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Make collections safer with zero-touch automations

Keep your drivers’ focus where it should be by using sensors and GPS to reduce or eliminate the need for drivers to push a button.

Engage citizens with digital-first services

No one carries a copy of your acceptable materials list in their back pocket. Our easy-to-access digital apps and tools help educate people in an easier, more engaging way. 

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Municipal Solid Waste Management Software | City Waste Management Software

Build actionable insights with data analytics

Use powerful data analytics to drive impactful changes to your service operations and recycling programs, targeting resources on areas that matter most.

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The City of Grand Rapids
reduces go-backs

See how this 33-truck municipal hauler cut the number of returns to missed collections to just one in every 4,000.

Customer Return On Investment


Heavy return on investment is one of the reasons customers choose our solutions.

6 Months

Additional revenue captured  in half a year with our solution can pay for automation.


Fewer service escalations means happier customers and less time on the road.

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