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Stay current with the latest technology solutions across waste and recycling organizations.

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Routeware City - A Community Engagement Platform

We are excited to announce Routeware City, a community engagement platform that allows you to test out our tools for yourself.

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The Routeware Report

2023 was an exciting year for our customers. Here’s a snapshot of what we accomplished together. 

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NEW Waste Wizard Update: Featured Search

Featured Search is an addition to the Waste Wizard that allows customers to configure the four materials their users see when opening their wizard tool, aka the ‘popular searches’.

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NEW Product Launch: Service Request

Service Request enables residential customers to sign up for collection service, manage their service-related containers, request collection of bulky items and end their service.

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SB 1383 Compliance Data as Fuel for Behavior Change

Watch Lisa Coelho from Routeware, Alan Ha, Administrative Analyst II for the City of Milpitas, and Izchel Pulido, the sustainability specialist for the City of San Ramon, discuss the success of the Recyclist Program Tracker at the 2023 CRRA.

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Routeware Software for Solid Waste

The City of Waco Solid Waste Services has added useful tools – Routeware’s Route Optimization, Smart Truck, and Back Office solutions. Check out the City of Waco Productions video today!

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