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Routeware Announces Acquisition of Compliance Publishing, Expanding for Medical Waste Management Solutions

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Routeware Announces Acquisition of Compliance Publishing, Expanding Its Solutions for Medical Waste Management
PORTLAND, OR – Routeware, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for the waste and recycling industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of St. Louis Park, Minnesota-based company Compliance Publishing, a renowned provider of medical waste solutions. This strategic acquisition strengthens Routeware’s product offerings for the medical waste management market and the haulers that work within it, including the ability to manage back-office operations and provide OSHA training and compliance all within the platform.

“We are thrilled to become a part of Routeware and embark on a new chapter of growth and innovation in the medical waste industry,” said Alan Rosenauer, CEO of Compliance Publishing. “By working together, we can combine our expertise and resources to provide our customers with even more robust compliance solutions and help them navigate the evolving regulatory landscape more effectively.”

This collaboration marks a significant stride towards addressing the complex challenges of the medical waste management sector. With Compliance Publishing now under Routeware’s wing, the combined expertise and resources of both companies are set to revolutionize compliance and operational efficiencies within the industry.

“The acquisition of Compliance Publishing represents a significant milestone in our growth strategy, as it signifies our commitment to enhancing our capabilities in the medical waste industry,” stated Paul Rafalowski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Routeware. “We are delighted to welcome Compliance Publishing to the Routeware family and look forward to collaborating closely to deliver comprehensive compliance and efficiency solutions to our valued customers.”

Routeware’s integrated technology solutions cater to smart cities and high-performance haulers, offering a full suite of capabilities, including on-board computers, route optimization for solid waste and roll-off haulers, customer self-service, and enterprise management. The addition of Compliance Publishing’s expertise in compliance tracking, efficiency programs, and industry-specific tools will enable Routeware to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for medical waste companies.

By integrating Compliance Publishing’s innovative compliance tracking systems and efficiency programs, Routeware aims to set new standards in operational excellence and regulatory adherence for medical waste companies. This fusion broadens the scope of Routeware’s services and deepens its commitment to delivering cutting-edge, compliant solutions that meet the unique needs of waste haulers across industries, ensuring safer, more efficient waste management practices.

About Routeware:

Routeware is a leading provider of on-board computers and software solutions to the solid waste and fleet industries. Routeware’s integrated software solutions provide smart cities and private haulers with capabilities including fleet automation, back office and billing, route optimization, and digital communication and education tools. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company has offices and customers throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Our brands, products, and services include Routeware, Core Computing Solutions, EasyRoute, Webaspx, RouteOptix, Andrews Software Inc. (ASI), ReCollect, Recyclist, and Compliance Publishing. For more information, visit www.routeware.com.

About Compliance Publishing:

Since 1985, Compliance Publishing has provided Compliance solutions for the Waste and Recycling industry. Compliance Publishing offers a comprehensive online OSHA Compliance program for Medical Waste companies to distribute to their customers, making it easier to compete, and streamline operations with cloud-based electronic medical waste manifesting, Scheduling, Routing, and Invoicing to increase operations efficiencies. For more information, visit www.compliancepublishing.com.

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