Step By Step: How to Tackle Digital Transformation in Solid Waste

Digital Transformation

When digital options first began to emerge for municipal services, the expectation was that they would augment human interactions and provide a convenient alternative for a younger demographic. There was talk of offloading resource-consuming transactions to self-serve channels and allowing service requests to come in during non-business hours. Now, even your grandmother is carrying a […]

New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements For Businesses To Come?

SEC Reporting

How will new rules from the US Securities and Exchange Commission affect waste businesses? They’re waiting to find out. According to a recent report from Waste Dive, the SEC’s proposed disclosure rules for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting have yet to be finalized – but many companies and industry organizations are already paying attention. […]

The Fastest Route to Reduced Emissions Is Through Technology

decarbonize your fleet

Substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions is vital to limiting global climate change, and it’s a goal for many municipalities and haulers with an environmental mission. According to the EPA, carbon dioxide (CO2) makes up 79 percent of greenhouse gases. Methane, which accounts for 11 percent, has been found to be a more potent greenhouse gas […]

Driving Diversity: How Tech Can Help Haulers Recruit New Demographics

Female Driver Blog

To fill drivers’ seats in solid waste as quickly as they’re being vacated, haulers need a new playbook. Appealing to the same audience by doing “business as usual” is no longer an option: It’s time to break down barriers to entry through digital technology — and welcome a younger, more diverse team to work behind […]

Driving Resilience: Fleet Solutions for Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

Driving Resilience Blog

With fuel prices soaring and recession fears looming, future-proofing to the extent possible is on the minds of solid waste leaders everywhere. Forward-thinking haulers have used technology to help navigate COVID-19, and their resilience highlights a path forward: through the rest of the pandemic, and into the economic fray growing on the other side. The […]

Less Work, More Delight: Demand Management Increases Service And Efficiency

Managing Demand

In an industry as labor intensive as solid waste and recycling, every bit of efficiency is an opportunity to decrease costs. Municipalities are recognizing that it’s not enough to simply do the same things faster. Technology provides a number of opportunities to not only increase efficiency, but actually provide a higher level of service with […]

The right tool for the job: Choosing waste-specific software

Waste Specific Software2

Front loaders. Rear loaders. Side loaders. Whatever the configuration, your solid waste trucks are designed to do a very specific job. You’re not picking up trash with a school bus or taking kids to school on a snow plow — as much as they might enjoy that! The point is, you make sure you’ve got […]

Workflow Wiz: Industry Veteran Olivia Holmes Talks Shop, Software

CORE team

For Oliva Holmes, helping folks in the waste industry manage their workflows is in her blood.  The Associate Product Manager of Workflow and Billing for Routeware, Inc., got her start in the industry through her father in 2006 with RouteOptix Management Systems, Inc., now a Routeware company. The company was founded in Ontario. “He started […]

Digital Communications Reach a Diverse Minnesota Community

Diverse Hands

Effective communications are all about meeting people where they are. But what if those people speak several different languages?  Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, has cracked the code. You have to figure out how to communicate in “terms that people can relate to,” says Tim Pratt, the city’s Recycling Manager with its Operations and Maintenance Department.  Communication […]