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Recycling Management Software System

A centralized, collaborative, and comprehensive recycling management software solution for tracking, record-keeping, and reporting requirements for all of California's mandates, including SB 1383 among others.

Trusted by More Than ⅓ of California’s Municipalities

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SB 1383 Compliance has never been easier

The Recyclist Program Tracker was the first software to help jurisdictions, JPAs, and private haulers record keep, track compliance, and report to California’s recycling and organic waste diversion regulations SB 1383, AB 1826 and AB 341.  As Routeware continues to grow in capability, compliance will be just a facet of the overall recycling management software. Click on each tab to learn more.

CA SB 1383 Recordkeeping and Reporting

Meet all the recordkeeping and reporting requirements under SB 1383 for jurisdictions in one central location for your implementation record.

CA AB 1826 and AB 341 Compliance

Easily identify which businesses you need to monitoring for local ordinances and state regulations, and track their compliance statuses.

CA EAR and IR Ready Stats & Reports

With all your data and communications stored in one place, you’ll have information for your CalRecycle Electronic Annual Report (EAR) and Implementation Record right at your fingertips.

Key Features

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Learn what’s driving technology adoption in waste and recycling.

What the Recycling Management Software System Can Do For You

Avoid fines

Automatically file all your data into CalRecycle’s format.

Stay SB 1383 compliant

Meet all SB 1383 record-keeping and reporting requirements.

Improve collaboration

Haulers, contractors, consultants and jurisdictions all work within one system.

Simplify outreach

Easily plan your outreach and identify where you can make the biggest impact.

Our Customers
Do Amazing Things

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers

The Recycling Management Software is a comprehensive waste-tracking solution designed to facilitate food recovery efforts, especially for California customers in preparation for SB 1383. It allows users to track various aspects of food recovery, including Edible Food Generators, SB 1383 Tiers, Generator Type, and Food Donation Recipients.

No, the Recycling Management Software focuses on tracking and reporting food recovery data. For logistics, other organizations and platforms specialize in connecting donors with recipients and facilitating food distribution.

Yes, the Recycling Management Software is highly customizable and acts as a central repository for program information and data. If organizations use other solutions for food recovery efforts, Recyclist gladly offers data import services from any platform. This ensures users have direct visibility into both the detailed and overall progress of their food recovery initiatives.

We have an outreach tracking portion of the Recycling Management Software that allows you to create follow-up “tasks” after you complete another task, such as a site visit. We are happy to show you how this works in our demo.

Yes, absolutely. Our waiver form includes a section for alternative compliance (e.g. self-hauling or backhauling) and is also pre-programmed to include the SB 1383 waiver conditions. Common customizations are new forms, reports, or fields within forms (E.g., Assessment/Audit Forms or fields for tracking local ordinances, etc.)

We use service level data provided by the hauler dataset to determine solid waste generation for all streams (garbage, recycling, organics). This then determines whether or not that generator is covered or not covered by the regulation. You can utilize our drop-down menus to indicate if a specific generator is eligible for an AB 1826 or SB 1383 De Minimis waiver and if the waiver has been approved.

CalRecycle does not currently have an application programming interface (API), the technology that allows two software programs to connect, and that would enable the Recycling Management Software to upload data or automate submission of data to CalRecycle. As of now, the only way to submit data to CalRecycle is through logging into their system and manually entering data.

Our Recycling Management Software aims to make that process as easy as possible, with reports that mirror the exact info and data that the Jurisdiction Annual Report requires. We will continue to streamline this process by closely following the development of the new JAR and continually adapting our software to align with it.

Our Recycling Management Software offers very user-friendly, professional reports, charts, and graphs on all data recorded. This includes compliance data, outreach data, and specific information that can be easily copied over to your EAR report. We include reports about generators that are non-compliant with recycling and organics service requirements that automatically update according to the data entered into your Recycling Management Software. You can also create an EAR report via your SB 1383 Dashboard. 

Data updates normally take about 3 – 5 weeks to complete. However, data updates are a multi-stage process that varies in length based on the cleanliness of the dataset and how many other datasets are already in our queue. Rest assured that we are diligently working on your data update and will confirm with you and your team once the process is complete!

Stay Current on Recycling and Organics Waste Diversion

The Recycling Management Software is currently only available in CA but our product is constantly evolving to meet the needs of other states, including WA, OR, ME, NY, and more. Subscribe here to stay current.

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