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6 Reasons Why End-Users Love Our Mobile App

Waste & Recycling Mobile App Routeware

We know how tough it can be for haulers and municipalities to communicate and remind residents about collection changes and new schedules due to holidays, inclement weather, route changes, and more. 

When it comes to waste disposal at the resident’s end, we also know how tough it can be to communicate what goes where, at least without a phone call or multiple clicks for every item.

That’s where Routeware’s – powered by ReCollect – mobile app comes in! In fact, we built it precisely to solve these problems and address these challenges.

Today, we’ll tell you more about exactly how our mobile app is solving pain points and making users happy across Android and iOS operating systems.

How Our Mobile App Solves Major Pain Points

We’re proud to say the app has been incredibly well-received by end-users, who have given it high marks for solving these specific pain points. 

Here are the comments that have accompanied some of our (many!) five-star reviews that explain the specific ways the app helps them:


The mobile app comes in very handy when it comes to reminding residents and customers of collection changes and new schedules—a big challenge up until now.

Here’s what one Android user has to say:

“I’ll admit it, I’m a pretty forgetful person. Trash is my chore, and before this app! Regularly forgot to take my bin to the curb on trash day. The weekly reminders have made me MUCH better about getting trash to the curb on time. Plus, there are helpful reminders about pickup schedule changes due to holidays or weather issues. My spouse is happier, my house is happier, I’m happier. Thanks, Sanipac.”

Another user adds:

“I love the weekly reminders and clear calendar of pickup days. It’s so helpful to have that just available on an app, especially since I just moved to Sacramento. I also love that you can look up how to dispose of items super clearly and it’s all in one place. I even got a reminder today about the new organics composting collection starting July 1st (the yard waste/green bin will now also be able to be used for food scraps and food, soiled paper for composting!) and it was worded very clearly.”

Inclement weather

Weather events often disrupt trash schedules, but with the mobile app, users are able to quickly and easily find out when their next pick up day is, without having to worry about looking up the schedule or calling customer service.

One Vancouver user explains:

“I like having a reminder message the evening before, as I would previously, sometimes, forget. Now I never have to miss another debris pick up date or wonder which week it is, (garbage, recycles, yard debris, etc) since the schedule does vary. Also, it’s nice to be notified of any changes due to inclement weather and holiday schedules! Other info on the app is useful as well. Thank you!”

Take it from this Richland County user:

“When I first got this app. I really didn’t have high expectations. I mean it’s a government app. How great could it be? I can’t believe how functional and efficient this app is! The best part of it is the reminders. When you travel a lot, the fact that recycling doesn’t occur every week can be really frustrating & confusing–unless you have this app. Since I got it, we haven’t missed recycling once! Seriously, get it. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get it earlier.”

Ease of use

Perhaps one of the best things about the mobile app is how user-friendly it is. Many of our users have commented on how easy it is to use the app and find the information they need.

As one user explains:

“Takes the guesswork out of recycling and garbage collection. It is free, it tells me (with an alarm if I choose) which days my garbage route is operating and what they will pick up that day. It’s especially great around holidays when I wonder how it will affect my collection, and vacations when it is easy to lose track of which week it is for recycling. Super focused app that does what nothing else does so simply.”

Temporary residents and travelers

When it comes to temporary residents and travelers, our mobile app is an essential tool for communicating collection changes and new schedules.

We also hear from users who travel out of town a lot and need a way to communicate their waste and recycling schedule with the people looking after their property.

One user from Longmont shares:

“I rely on this app for reminders, upcoming events, and, especially when traveling, as I can forward reminders to my house sitters! Thank you!”

Another adds:

“I had the schedule noted in my phone’s calendar but found that it often got out of sync if I traveled outside this time zone. This app is always accurate and timely. Very helpful.”

And finally, this user from Calgary shares:

“Perfect! I’ve used this app since its inception and I have ALWAYS received notification of the days the DAY BEFORE! I travel out of town A LOT so I can always advise my kids that tomorrow etc is “Bin” day. So they can’t forget anymore! I also like that I can check out….what goes where??? Very helpful!”


Communicating to temporary residents and travelers who are likely unfamiliar with how your waste pickup differs from what they are used to is tricky. But our mobile app takes all of the frustration out of this process!

In fact, on the subject of communication, one of the biggest challenges many municipalities face in terms of communicating waste pickup schedules and information is the language barrier. But our app is available in multiple languages, which helps to bridge this communication gap.

This Kingston user explains:

“So useful. I brag about that app to my friends from Montreal. It makes everything simple. Both in French and English language. Every city should do it like Kingston does it.”

Helping elderly residents keep track of changes in their waste pickup schedule

This resident from Sacramento share how it helps them keep up with the waste pickup schedule in their area:

“Love the reminders. We are old and forgetful – it is really a great service and lets us know we need to put the cans out. And which cans! Will be even more useful when we need to make the change to organics.”

Try Our Mobile App Today

These are just some of the ways our mobile app is solving problems and making users happy. Ready to experience these benefits for yourself? Learn more about our mobile app today and Get Started.

P.S. Have you tried out Routeware City yet? It’s an interactive experience, allowing you to see how our tools can help engage your community, reduce contamination, and help your residents self-serve.

Test it out today!


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