Barney the Dachshund, Enterprise Customers, and Mild Hot Sauce: How Laura Avolio Blends Environmental Studies with Customer Success

Laura Avolio Spotlight

In today’s ReCollector Spotlight, we’ll get to know more about Laura Avolio, an integral part of the ReCollect team. Working on the customer success side of the operation, she explains her favourite part of the job is “the people I get to work and interact with every day.”

As an integral part of our customer success team, an average day for Laura includes managing team members and making sure everyone is doing well, staying successful, and is happy in their job. She also manages enterprise customers, ensuring both products and satisfaction are optimized. 

Laura started at ReCollect over five years ago, when a former colleague recommended her for the position. Prior to that, she had taken environmental studies in school and had also worked as a Waste Management Intern at Niagara Region and a Waste Reduction Coordinator at the City of Stratford.

When it comes to how Laura lives a more “green” life any way she can, a lot of it comes down to being able to work from home. As she explains: 

“Working from home allows me to be more aware of my day-to-day activities. Not having to commute to work, buy meals out, and constantly purchasing work clothes you hardly wear. I’m able to live a more sustainable lifestyle and be consciously aware of my daily activities.”

Although she has had an ongoing passion for creating a greener world, working at ReCollect has also helped Laura share her recycling knowledge with friends and family and the broader community. 

(Learn more about growing recycling awareness and engagement).

In terms of her proudest accomplishments as a team member at ReCollect, Laura includes her work setting up the ReCollect Academy. She got it up about three years ago and built the foundations and processes for it. The Academy is our growing library of resources where our customers can:

  • Access online training videos, how-to articles, industry webinars, school outreach plans, and our full template library in our Academy portal
  • Stay on top of new product features through product announcements.
  • Get inspirational ideas from customer success stories.


7 Fast Facts About Laura

    1. What is Laura doing in her free time? Spending time with her dog, Barney, a long-haired miniature dachshund, getting a good workout in, and spending time with family and friends. 
    2. If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? Two or three–mild! It takes a lot to rile Laura up—she’s very even keel. 
    3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Time warping! The less time in the car, the better. Editor’s note: The following conversation occurred. “So, essentially teleporting?” “No, it’s different, it’s like…yeah, essentially teleporting.”
    4. If you could have one superpower, what would it REALLY be? Teleporting.
    5. People on planet earth should: Be kinder to one another and put those practices we learn in kindergarten into place.
    6. The world could do without: Racism and violence.
    7. What gets her through a hard day: Keeping happiness in mind and placing a positive spin on whatever comes her way.


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