September Waste Industry Update

September Waste Industry Update

*We’ve put together the best waste industry news from September!*

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In recent news, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) approved its next five-year strategic plan. The plan’s drivers and goals include several that we’re addressing in this issue:

  • Expanding the use of technology and automation
  • Getting waste collection off the Top 10 list of most dangerous jobs
  • Enhancing the perception of the waste and recycling industry as employers of choice

Read on to find out how cities and haulers are addressing these issues while making their organizations more lean, green, safe, and attractive with technology.

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Industry Updates

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AI, Tech & Safety Key Features of New SWANA Plan

The Solid Waste Association of North America’s foci include technology and automation, safety, and making the waste industry an employer of choice for job seekers. Read more.

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Extreme Heat, Weather Spell Risk for Haulers

Two new reports from Republic Services say climate risks could interrupt business, diminish productivity, risk worker safety, and damage facilities. Read more.

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SWANA to EPA: Cities Need Recycling Grants

Terrill Haigler, a former Philadelphia sanitation worker, known online as Ya Fav Trashman, talks about his new book and why street cleanliness is an environmental justice issue. Read more.

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Cybersecurity Corner: Phishing is Always Changing

Notice an uptick in spammy emails? You’re not alone. As municipalities and businesses alike up their cybersecurity game, hackers are finding new tricks, too. Get educated with tips from the US Federal Trade Commission. Read more.


Video for fleet enhances visibility and safety, and improves customer service.

See how smart-truck cameras capture important visual information along real routes. From carts not out to accidents and near-misses, video documentation provides evidence that speaks for itself.

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“I enjoy talking to prospects and getting to know them, building and fostering that relationship, whether we’re right for them now or later.”

Learn about Lisa’s love of inside sales, puzzles, and wine in our latest blog!

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