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NEW Waste Wizard Update: Featured Search

NEW Waste Wizard Update: Featured Search
NEW Waste Wizard Update: Featured Search

“The Waste Wizard will tell you what’s recyclable and how to actually recycle it…It was something that my colleagues had wanted for longer than I’ve been here.” – Jenn Harrman, Zero Waste Program Manager for Metro Nashville Services, TN

🧙 Over the years, Waste Wizard has guided millions of residents and customers to the information they need about how to correctly dispose of municipal waste. Now, we’re making it even easier for people to find this information, by making suggestions through visual prompts, which are tailored to their area and the priorities of their service provider.

🔍 Featured Searches is an addition to the Waste Wizard that allows customers to configure the four materials their users see when opening their wizard tool, aka the ‘popular searches’.

The popular search feature allows users to see the 4 most searched for items in order to make reducing contamination easier. And now, it can be customized based on seasonal and data-driven demands.

As an example, customers can now customize the displayed search items to show Christmas Trees and Gift Wrapping in the top results around Christmas time, and styrofoam in the top results after noticing the material tends to be disposed of improperly.

This means greater control of the existing tool and in a way that allows for self service at any time. Customers will also have more agency over the education they promote to their end-users and intended outcomes, while the app will also continue to gather the analytics of what people search for and track how popular an item is.

This is just one way in which Routeware’s community engagement products capture actionable insights. Data captured by the Waste Wizard, Waste Sorting Game, and Curbside Audit Tools all come together to provide a more comprehensive picture of the state of affairs, allowing customers to develop a data-informed plan of action.

See what the backend of the product looks like!

In summary, to those already familiar with the Waste Wizard, it’s only getting better.

To those unfamiliar, check out this short, 2 minute video:

Interested in discussing how Featured Search will benefit you and your community today? Let’s Talk.

P.S. Have you tried out Routeware City yet? It’s an interactive experience, allowing you to see how our tools can help engage your community, reduce contamination, and help your residents self-serve.

Test it out today!


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