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Shaping the Future of Waste Collection

What will the next chapter of waste collection look like for you and your business? 

In an industry defined by complex challenges, Routeware is bringing to life a fresh vision for the future of waste operations — and building the next generation of solutions with usability and integration at the core. 

Untangling Complexity, Unleashing Potential

Waste collection often is called “the world’s most complicated simple business” for good reason. Behind every emptied bin is a team of route planners, drivers, technicians, customer service staff and others working
together to tackle new requirements, traverse diverse landscapes and promote environmental responsibility. Successful waste collection teams
must work in tandem, and the technology behind them is no different.

Like your employees, it’s critical that your technology is a “team player” and is ready to grow as your operation evolves. But while most options in the market emphasize the raw capability of their tools, the quality of their user experiences often is ignored. The result is “clunky” software that’s inaccessible to the average user or requires hours of training to use properly. 

Routeware is taking bold steps to change this so you and your customers can reap the full benefits of smarter technology with ease.

Building A Better Experience

Over the decades, most operations have adopted hardware and software to boost efficiency and safety. But in the complex world of waste management, outdated and manual processes, singular solutions and complicated software are costing teams valuable time, resources and service quality.

As industry veteran and Routeware Chief Customer Officer Yasi Alemzadeh explains, “Technology is only as effective as it is easy to use. When we think about the technology in our pockets or in our homes, it’s designed to be intuitive and seamlessly connected. We believe waste management technology should do the same. That starts with usability.”

By creating solutions that require minimal training to use, even for occasional users, Routeware is leading the push to hold the market’s technology to a higher standard.

When tools are easy to use, teams respond faster and with more agility. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design practices, Routeware is making a real impact on the productivity, safety and sustainability of waste management teams.

A Vision of Success

Keeping customer and user experience at the forefront of our development efforts enables Routeware to deliver tangible benefits to waste collection teams and their customers, including:

  • increased service quality, higher customer satisfaction and lower call and complaint volumes; 
  • streamlined billing processes and reduced revenue leakage;
  • optimized routes, improved driver satisfaction, and positive impacts on driver safety and workforce retention; 
  •  greater transparency and visibility into daily operations, leading to opportunities for operational improvements; 
  • competitive pricing and business growth enabled by safer, more efficient and more reliable practices; and
  • best-in-class, environmentally responsible operations that positively impact sustainability and compliance efforts to support the well-being of our communities.

Routeware’s vision is about more than providing technology; it’s about empowering waste collection teams to navigate complexity and evolve with ease.

Looking to modernize your current processes into a more streamlined, efficient and environmentally impactful operation? Join Routeware on the journey to simplify the world’s most complicated simple business — and discover how bright the future of waste management can be.

“Routeware is one of those great technologies that change the way we do things. It's efficient and effective, and it works to save time and money. It's a new way of picking up trash.”