August Waste Industry Update

August Waste Industry 2022

*We’ve put together the best waste industry news from August!*

Are you working to meet new waste and recycling regulations? Are you thinking of cracking down on certain materials? Do you ever wonder what each state requires when it comes to organic waste? Between our digital communication tools, industry expertise and this handy compilation of organics recycling policies, we’ve got you covered!

From California’s Senate Bill 1383 requiring mandatory organics collection and education, to Vermont’s and New York’s waste diversion or recycling requirements for organic waste, and everywhere in between, communities across North America are getting greener by the day — and you can, too.

No matter whether your municipality or state is up against organics regulations, or you’d simply like to implement your own, engagement makes all the difference in the world when it comes to carrying out any successful waste program — and some digital waste and recycling communication tools can help. From the Curbside Audit Tool to help you plan and measure progress, to the Waste Wizard that’ll help you empower your community to recycle right, we can help you meet your recycling goals and have a little fun along the way.

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We’d like to welcome two new members to the ReCollect family this month!

Warren County, NY (Waste Wizard & Mobile App)Wychavon District Council (Waste Wizard & Waste Sorting Game)

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Recycled Humor

So bad, it just might be good.

Have you heard about the aluminum recycling center?

It smelt!

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Industry Updates


How Can Sensor-Based Tech Help E-Scrap Processing?

Sensor-based sorting technology has picked up some steam — especially when it comes to processing e-scrap. Read more.


Recent NothingWasted Podcast Focuses on Women in the Waste and Recycling Industry

Including some of the challenges they’ve faced, their experiences, the progression of technology, and more. Read more.


New Jersey Targets Plastics and Packaging — From Shopping Bags and Beyond

The bill would help the state pare back on single-use packaging, keep large companies accountable, require packaging be recyclable and more. Read more.


New Marion County, Fla. Ordinance Focuses on Litter

Marion County, Fla., has introduced new legislation to increase littering fines and more. The new ordinances took effect July 22, 2022. Read more.

ReCollect eLearning

Product Spotlight – Introducing the Curbside Audit Tool with Photo Upload Capabilities 

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Recycle, Reward, Rejoice – ReCollect Award Winners

When our tools are called on to carry out work and care for the planet, and those tools help garner awards, everyone wins. Read more.

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