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Lower call volume, save time, eliminate manual data entry and automate reports.

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Recycling Data Pioneers

Our approach to waste software is the first of its kind. Our highly trained data engineers process your service level data, and our attentive customer success team ensures you have what you need to succeed from the start.
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Waste Stream Insight

Drill down into individual generators’ waste containers or pan out to see aggregated data and reports. These tools illustrate your progress towards your unique programmatic goals.

One Centralized Database

Our system makes data easy to understand. Get all the insight you need into business and multi-family waste streams. Quickly find contacts, addresses, service information and outreach history.

Ongoing Data Updates

We process, clean and import your service data to give you visibility into service changes, including new accounts, closed accounts and changes in service levels.

Diversified Outreach

Coordinate a multi-agency, multi-person outreach team. Collaborate easily with consultants, waste haulers, partner jurisdictions or other departments to maximize your outreach efforts through a centralized system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from our customers
The Program Tracker is a comprehensive waste-tracking solution designed to facilitate food recovery efforts, especially for California customers in preparation for SB 1383. It allows users to track various aspects of food recovery, including Edible Food Generators, SB 1383 Tiers, Generator Type, and Food Donation Recipients.
No, the Program Tracker focuses on tracking and reporting food recovery data. For logistics, other organizations and platforms specialize in connecting donors with recipients and facilitating food distribution.
Yes, the Program Tracker is highly customizable and acts as a central repository for program information and data. If organizations use other solutions for food recovery efforts, Recyclist gladly offers data import services from any platform. This ensures users have direct visibility into both the detailed and overall progress of their food recovery initiatives.

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