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How Does Routeware City Work?

How Does Routeware City Work?

How Does Routeware City Work?

We are excited to announce Routeware City, a community engagement platform that allows you to test out our tools for yourself!

Consider this a companion guide for how to utilize the tool.

If you’re looking for a clear value proposition of how the tool can help your city, click here.

If you’re looking for more information on the tools of Routeware City and beyond, click here.

Note: below we will walk through the Collection Calendar, Waste Wizard, Bulky Pickup, and Waste Sorting Game tools, plus other tool features, the surrounding toolbar, and other elements on the page.

If you have something specific in mind, please feel free to use the anchor links above, scroll to that section, or search utilizing cmd/ctrl+F.

An Overview

Before we dive into each tool specifically, below lies a brief, 2.5 minute video showcasing the tools at a surface level.

If you want to dive deeper on any topic, we’d recommend reading into any of the subheadings below or visiting Routeware City and exploring yourself.

Collection Calendar

Allow your residents to view personalized collection dates and information, set reminders for themselves, integrate the calendar into their own, see their bulky pickups, and more!

For the purpose of keeping our tool simple, we only included one loadable address – for you, the address bar will be searchable for every address in your service area.

Below is a video walking through the tool.

Waste Wizard

Provide your residents with detailed disposal information for every item you want. Allow them to suggest their own items when they can’t find it, enable our predictive text to suggest alternatives for misspellings and items known by other names.

Plus, customize your featured search items to show the 4 items you want to focus your educational efforts the most on, depending on data, season, and more!

Below is a video walking through the tool.

Bulky Pickup / Special Collections

Want to make curbside collection easier for your bulky pickup items, like couches and bookshelves?

Now you can, in just a few easy clicks. Our tool also integrates directly with payment processors, so you can get your pickup scheduled and get paid without ever lifting a finger.

P.S. Make all this and more, like cart replacement programs, easy with Service Requests.

Let people self-serve, initiating residential service, scheduling bulky and extra items, household hazardous waste, yard waste, and making changes (new cart sizes and repair requests).

Below is a video walking through the tool.

Waste Sorting Game

Come play our Waste Sorting Game at Routeware City!

Help your residents learn in real-time what materials go in what bin, all while having fun.

Every element of the game you see can be customized for your city.

Below is a video walking through level one of the game.

Other Tool Features

Need Help?

Your residents might.

That’s why we include a customizable Need Help button in all of our web widgets and mobile apps, to improve the user experience, and to reduce the amount of queries you have to handle.

As well, as you can see on the bottom left and right side of the widget on the screenshot below, we also provide a complete list of searchable materials for residents to browse through.

This is alongside making our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Cookie Policy freely available for the sake of transparency and honesty.

Surrounding Toolbars

Why did they include a left-hand bar and a header if they don’t click through to anywhere? you may be asking yourself.

And that’s fair!

Though the reason may not be apparent right away, we included all these elements to best mimic the look and feel of a real city page – how yours might look like, in this case.

You’ve got plenty of things going on with your website. There’s information everywhere, and there’s so much to convey. It can get overwhelming for a visitor.

That’s why we designed our tool to be embeddable on any webpage, so you can place the whole tool or versions of the tool wherever you may like.

The tool, visually stimulating, holds attention in the middle of the page and allows the desired connection between resident and city to take place.

For our purposes, we didn’t have anywhere to link on the top and left hand bar – but you will – so we left them as dead links.

Routeware City Screenshot - Left & Top Bar

On the right hand side, you’ll see a button that said “Bring Routeware City” home. Clicking that will take you to the Get Started page.

Under the text “Make Routeware City Your Own”, you’ll see two links – one will take you to a blog where we’ve collected resident reviews of our app, and the other will take you to a blog where we highlight the benefits of choosing white-labelled software.

Routeware City Screenshot - Right Bar How Does Routeware City Work?

Other Elements On The Page

Though the two buttons underneath our tool linking to Google Play and the App Store do not go anywhere on our site – but for you they will take your residents directly to your white-labelled app in the respective app store, simplifying the promotion and adoption processes.

Meanwhile, we included a little Service Alert blurb, as that’s where many of our customers like to place a call-to-action for their own residents to sign up for their city’s service updates and notifications. 

Routeware City Screenshot - Mobile Apps

Lastly, we have video testimonials from our customers at the bottom of the page, which is for you, the visitor, but probably isn’t something you’d want to include on your own site.

Thank you for reading through our companion guide on how to utilize Routeware City!

If you’re looking for a clear value proposition of how the tool can help your city, click here.

If you’re looking for more information on the tools of Routeware City and beyond, click here.

If you’re ready to have an initial, exploratory talk with a dedicated waste professional, Get Started here or by clicking on the orange button below.


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