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Smart Tech for Waste and Recycling

Route Optimization

Design more efficient routes that require fewer trucks and drivers and use less fuel to help cut service costs, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the risk of service disruption.

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On-Board Computers

Help drivers be safer and more productive with in-cab units, smart sensors, and cameras on your trucks and a back-office portal to manage day-to-day activity and analyze organizational performance.
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“We were able to optimize all our routes for all our commodities in 3 months. Before, this would have taken us 1 .5 to 2 years to complete.”

Edward Dean
Technical Project Manager
City of Lexington

“[Routeware] is easy to use and easy to train. We have experienced great success with utilizing the tool across the full spectrum of route optimization.”

Sean Steves
SVP & COO, Solid Waste Operations
Casella Waste Systems

“We had reduced that 46 % contamination rate down to 28.6%. That was huge for us.”

Jenn Harrman
Zero Waste Program Manager
Metro Nashville Services

Our Customers Do Great Things

One software to run your entire waste lifecycle! Comply with laws and regulations, balance budgets, increase fleet productivity, and provide excellent community service. Easily integrate and add solutions as you need them. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing technology stack or build a new one from scratch, Routeware has got you covered.

Tackle Your Biggest Challenges

Improve profitability by capturing missed revenue and controlling operating costs

Work smarter, make better use of resources, and help teams deliver improved results

Enhance customer communication with world-class digital service

Cut carbon use and increase resident recycling to help protect our planet

Routeware has been digitally transforming the waste and recycling industry for over 20 years.

Our mission is to help waste and recycling operators use technology to delight customers, improve operations, and protect our planet. Routeware solutions are used by over 1000 smart cities and haulers in every US state, across Canada, and in the United Kingdom, benefiting over 100M people
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Find Solutions for Your Organization

Smart Cities

Private Waste Haulers

Roll-Off Companies

Liquid Waste

Ready to Digitally Transform Your Waste Service?

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Our Customers Do Great Things

Grand Rapids reduces misses with on-board computers

See how this 33-truck municipal hauler cut returns to missed collections to just one in every 4,000.

Join 1000+ customers across three continents

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