Routeware’s easy-to-use tablets include reliable thin and thick tablets that simultaneously support multiple “smart-truck” peripherals. We supply everything you need including equipment and carrier service so you only have to work with one vendor.



Routeware’s back-office software and billing interfaces make it easy for dispatchers, supervisors, customer service reps, and executives to compare route progress, service levels, productivity, speed, and over 30 key metrics to your ambitious targets.




“One of the biggest benefits to using Routeware is now we can be proactive rather than reactive. Real-time transfer of data between the drivers and the office means that communication is clear and quick, increasing our efficiency immensely and decreasing frustration for everyone.”

Jeremy Stewart
Routeware Administrator,
City of Loveland

“Our customer service reps are so much more efficient. Before we had Routeware, if there was an issue, they’d call a dispatcher who would then call a driver to get info. Now, the CSRs can just get that information directly out of Routeware and relay it to the customer. The impact is enormous.”

Dispatcher at a private hauler

“Because of Routeware, our drivers are much more efficient. Thanks to GPS data, we always know where our trucks are. If we have a truck breakdown, we can easily send out a helper route immediately and have it be a seamless transition with almost no downtime.”

Technical Specialist at a private hauler




Routeware sifts through data to find how each route can be more profitable and ranks each route according to profit potential. Then, we generate simple, unique coaching instructions for each driver so that they capture the gains that you want. ROI can be enormous as you improve your service and burnish your reputation.

notebook computer with executive owner on screen- Routeware


Shaving 30 minutes of wasted time from each route and accruing 2 more billable extras could add hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to profit while making your operation more scalable. ROI is larger than almost any other investment.

notebook computer CFO Controller on screen - Routeware


Routeware exchanges data in two directions in seconds with billing systems including AMCS Tower, Trux, Softpak, Encore, Innoprise, and others. Track location, service verification, skips, misses, idle time, speed, clock-in/out, route progress. Make timely decisions.

notebook computer with dispatcher on screen- Routeware

Customer Service

If a driver skips a customer because the container was blocked or not out, send a picture proving that your driver made a valid attempt to serve. Route progress and service events are visible in real-time and relayed to billing seconds after they occur.

notebook computer with customer service representative on screen- Routeware


Supervisors can monitor fleet progress from any web-enabled device. Track location, service verification, skips, misses, idle time, speed, clock-in/out, route progress and more so that you can make timely decisions about service, safety, and work assignments.

notebook computer with supervisor on screen- Routeware

Safety Officer

Routeware video service will automatically film accidents, G-force events, panic events, speeding, or interactions with police and the public. Routeware picture service captures unsafe conditions at a customer site.

notebook computer with safety officer on screen- Routeware

Routeware software works with AMCS Tower, Soft-Pak, Trux, Encore and other billing systems.

Secure and seamless two-way interfaces transfer work orders, routes, and service events between systems.

Computer showing route tracking and maps

Securely send routes and workorders over cellular to tablets. A driver’s work day will be waiting for them ready to go. Send helper routes and work orders from your billing system or from Routeware.

GPS-tracked drivers mark stops as “done” or skipped, or fork sensors or RFID readers can do it.  Log skip reasons and extras from drop-down lists; take pictures of exceptions to prove service attempts.

See route progress and truck location with one mouse click. See which drivers are beating your targets for speeding, idling, extras misses, or hours-on-road and find drivers that need assistance.

Stop re-keying all that route and time-clock data. Inform your billing system electronically seconds after events occur.

Get more accurate records of time-stamped events with less labor and delay.

Serve your market with fewer trucks while retaining top drivers. Rank routes/drivers by profit-improvement potential. Big Data Analytics analyzes driver behavior to make routes run faster, handle more stops, and log more revenue. Use some savings to improve driver conditions to attract/keep drivers.

Computer showing route tracking and maps



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