Benefits by Role

See How Routeware Makes Your Job Easier


Executives & Owners

Automate workflows including residential collection, commercial front and rear loaders, roll-off service, yard/brush waste, liquid waste, recycling, and more. You’ll see enormous ROI and control as driver productivity improves and more billable extras are logged.



We’ve refined our software for municipalities and waste haulers for almost 20 years. This means that we’ve thought about the special conditions you have that other fleets don’t. You can expect our software to be intuitive.

Not ready for tablets and enterprise software but still want fleet tracking? We have entry-level, tracking-only service too.



Your drivers are as tired of paper-shuffling as you are. We send routes and helper routes over to tablets in your trucks instead. Turn-by-turn directions, sequenced routes, email, customer notes, and more make running routes more satisfying. Pictures help defend skips when customers claim you weren’t there.


Customer Service

If your driver skips a stop because the container was blocked or not out, GPS tracking and pictures can prove that your driver made a valid attempt to serve. Document extras with pictures, too. Information is relayed to your billing system seconds after it is recorded.




View fleet performance from any web-enabled device. When you set targets for driver behavior, our exclusive Heatmap will flash red when drivers fall behind. Routeware ranks your drivers and routes by who needs the most help and coaching right now.



You’ll see enormous ROI. Strip away productivity leaks and revenue leaks so that you can serve your market with fewer trucks. Stop running up tipping fees for delinquent accounts. Stop re-keying data. Allocate some of your newly-found profit to improving driver conditions and eliminate your driver shortage.

safety officer in uniform - routeware


Safety Officer

Routeware picture service documents unsafe conditions at a customer site. With Routeware video service, you can automatically film accidents, safety issues, panic events, or interactions with police and the public. Routeware will track over 40 metrics in real time including G-force events and speeding events.