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Why Routeware?

Performance powered by
integrated solutions

The waste and recycling industry is in a season of rapid change. More than ever, its leaders are relying on technology solutions to help meet growing demands.

The good news is, today we know that resilience goes hand-in-hand with profit and sustainability. And the people we serve not only want, but expect, digital-first experiences. For high performing waste organizations, integrated technology solutions are no longer just an option – they present the clear path forward.

With Routeware, enterprises and municipalities get the purpose-built technology and 360° integration they need to deliver exceptional service while achieving environmental and financial targets.

The Routeware Advantage

Greater ROI

Proven higher revenue and significantly lower costs

Easier to use

Best-in-class user feedback, and great Google reviews

More functionality

Unique smart truck features,  leading optimization and engagement tools

One hand to shake

One vendor manages everything with a highly experienced team

Better reliability

Proven software, thousands of users, and the lowest hardware failure rates

Greater success

No project failures and high customer retention

Success Stories

The best way to understand the value of Routeware is to hear it from our customers. See how they are powering efficiency, performance and sustainability with our integrated technology solutions.

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Routeware mapping software on computer


Routeware provides a single source for technology solutions across waste and recycling organizations. Our modular components and pre-built integrations let you build-as-you-go and get results faster.

Improve and advance your waste management operations

Take the next step. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about how you can:

Control costs and optimize fleets

Meet operational and safety demands

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Comply with government regulations