The Power of Video: Visibility, Safety, and Proof


The Power of Video: Visibility, Safety, and Proof

The Power of Video - Visibility, Safety, Proof car with broken glass on road Routeware
When it comes to an accident with one of your waste collection vehicles mid-route, sometimes a photo is not enough. The power of video is that video thoroughly captures real-time events as they occur. You can see events leading up to an accident, gain visibility into the surroundings, and provide comprehensive proof for insurance and reporting purposes. In addition, organizations can use video to monitor in-cab driver behavior, such as cell phone use and distracted driving.

In your waste hauling business you may already have implemented picture service to provide service verification…but video can provide so much more.

By integrating video services into your fleet automation solution, you can take advantage of:

  • high-resolution video from multiple angles
  • real-time alerts and views of G-force events, parking events, and panic events
  • video cameras that can do double duty as picture cameras and rear-view cameras for the truck
  • in-cab video to monitor and curtail unsafe driver behavior
  • recorded GPS information and time/date stamps on videos for the back-office dispatcher

When it comes to safety, private haulers and municipalities alike can never be too careful. It can only take one incident to expose a lack of preparation and required documentation – resulting in loss of time and resources as you piece together past events to limit liability.

Routeware’s integrated Video Services provide safety, accident reconstruction, driver monitoring, and peace of mind, all at an affordable price point. Call us at 1-877-906-8550 to learn more and incorporate video services into your existing fleet automation solution today.