The Secret to Reducing Calls to Customer Service by 80%


The Secret to Reducing Calls to Customer Service by 80%

The Secret to Reducing Customer Service Calls by Up to 80% Routeware customer success representative waste hauler phones
Customers are the lifeblood of a business – but providing excellent Customer Service to them can be challenging and expensive. Unhappy customers can tie up your Customer Service team’s time, require a large number of personnel to cover incoming calls, and necessitate a lot of back-and-forth over who said what and what happened when. Customer Service team members sometimes have to play both detective and psychologist, pulling apart information to get down to the facts and assessing what the Customer’s real issue is – especially when there is little to no record of what actually happened. A robust, responsive, and well-trained Customer Service team is a necessity…but did you know that you can reduce the incoming calls to your Customer Service team, and reduce their time dealing with Customers by 80%?

The secret to reducing Calls to Customer Service to 80%

…is accurate documentation.

Yes, you read that right: by simply documenting the facts more accurately at the time of the incident, the majority of Customer Service calls can be resolved far quicker…or never even occur in the first place.

Documentation comes in the form of video, photos, and GPS logs of:

  • Whether the cart was at the curb or not
  • How much garbage was in the cart (Was it closed tightly? Stuffed so full the lid wouldn’t close?)
  • How many extras were around the cart
  • Verbal altercations at collection points (to prevent a they-said we-said scenario)
  • Speeding events (for when Customers call to alert your company about speeding behavior)
  • Recorded speed logs in geofenced areas (like school zones)
  • Recorded brake event logs (for when Customers call to inform of near-accidents involving sudden braking)
  • G-Force events (for Customer claims of property damage incurred by the truck)
  • Accidents (to more accurately determine at-fault)

When real-time documentation is available, the conversation for the Customer Service team member goes something like this:

[incoming call]

Customer Service Rep: Hi, this is Joe with XYZ Disposal Services. How can I help you?

Customer: You didn’t pick up my trash today! Everyone else on my street got picked up – what’s going on?

Customer Service Rep: OK, let me look into that for you. Can I get your name and service address, please?

[receives information, looks it up in the back-office fleet automation software console]

It’s showing here that the truck was on your street at 6:42 AM this morning.

[pulls up photo of address]

I have a photo of your address, showing the curb, and the garbage can is not out at the curb. Would you like me to send you the photo?

Customer: Oh. I guess I forgot to put the can out or something…

[line disconnects]

No more go-backs.

No more ambiguity.

No more claims that go unsubstantiated.

Better Customer Service with accurate, time-stamped proof.

In addition, once Customers know about your thorough, factual documentation capabilities, they are less likely to call to dispute a charge or a skipped pick-up. Just informing your Customers of your increased capabilities reduces incoming calls, and reduces Customer Service staff time on the call.

Want to see how much you could reduce your Customer Service calls? Routeware can help calculate how much reduction you could see by implementing a photo- and video-equipped fleet automation system. Call us at 1-877-906-8550 to get started.