Recycle Right – January 2023

Recycle Right January 2023

Looking to help the people you serve recycle right in the new year? Read on for 3 tips, tricks, and resources!

#1: 2022 - A Year in Review

Click below for a free infographic displaying the top highlights from the Routeware Education and Outreach Community in 2022.

#2: Inform Residents of a Change in Collections

Looking to implement a new curbside program? Are collection dates set to change in the near future? What if all that information was right in your residents pockets?

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If you want to simplify the disposal and recycling process for your end-users while reducing your contamination rates and headaches, click the button below to learn more about what our solutions can do for you.

#3: Correct the Behavior of Wishcyclers Without Discouraging Them

What is the perfect formula for a message that will direct all residents to pay attention and follow all the new rules? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t one — but thanks to the network of communities Routeware serves, we’ve learned a number of approaches that are proving to be successful! 

Here are 5 approaches to correcting the behavior of wishcyclers without discouraging them:

  1. Disrupt the Norm

  2. Regain Their Attention

  3. Encourage Questions 

  4. Target the Top Contaminants

  5. Teach the Consequences  

Want to learn how to implement and execute these approaches? Let’s talk today so that we can guide you down the right path.


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