Recycle Right – December 2022

Recycle Right - December 2022

Looking to recycle right this holiday season? Read on for 3 tips, tricks, and resources!

#1: Encourage People to Follow the Three Rs

Encourage people to reuse, re-purpose or recycle correctly with top holiday waste reduction tips from our team!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage technology to help you develop, create and implement your holiday waste program to reduce contamination
  • Communicate your collection approach with the help of digital communication tools.
  • Holiday waste reduction tips to encourage people to reuse, re-purpose or recycle correctly.

#2: Tell People How to Dispose of Holiday Materials

Do your end-users know what to do with leftover lights, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, and more? What if finding out was as simple as clicking a button?

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If you want to simplify the disposal and recycling process for your end-users while reducing your contamination rates and headaches, click the button below to learn more about what our solutions can do for you.

#3: Simplify the Holidays - With a Podcast!

Check out this podcast, in which Gretchen Carey and Waneta Traybert with MassRecycle talk with Kelley Dennings of the Center for Biological Diversity about simplifying the holidays and reducing waste. They discuss top holiday waste generators, alternative gift ideas, hosting and decorating, the role of public policy, and the perceived barriers to celebrating with fewer material items. Should you buy a fake or real Christmas tree? Is wrapping paper recyclable? All this and more, in this lively conversation.

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk! 


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