Overhaul Your Waste Hauling Business With the Moneyball Mindset


Overhaul Your Waste Hauling Business With the Moneyball Mindset

Overhaul Your Waste Hauling Business with the Moneyball Mindset spreadsheet with magnifying glass Routeware
by Sloan Morris, Vice President

Remember the movie Moneyball (starring Brad Pitt), about the Oakland A’s strategy to gain the edge over their better-funded competition? By using rigorous statistical analysis on the data around players, positions, and salaries, a small-market, limited-budget major league baseball team sought out players who were undervalued by other teams, and number-crunched their way to a winning lineup.

What is the Moneyball Mindset?

The Moneyball Mindset is an approach where you collect data points about the things that matter to the business, and then analyze the data points to identify potential improvements that add up over time to give you an edge.

What if you could apply the same mindset to your waste hauling business?

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of waste in the waste industry. Everything from too many go-backs, not tracking “extras” revenue, too much driver non-service time, high idle times, etc. add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue over months. But how do you, as an owner or supervisor in a field service organization, know what changes will have the most impact to your bottom line? How do you decide what issues to prioritize? To identify which drivers are meeting target and which aren’t, do you just go by your gut instinct, intuition, and affirmation bias?

There is a better way.

By adding fleet automation management software to your organization, you’ll be able to track millions of points of data, and analyze it accurately to know where you’re spending—and losing—the most money.

For example, consider idle times. With the Routeware system in place, you can instantly see how much time is spent idling by driver and/or by route. This allows you to accurately coach specific drivers to improve or change behaviors that end up costing your organization money. Or maybe you’ll find out that high idle times aren’t really an issue with the majority of your drivers, but not charging for extras is. You can see at a glance the average pickups per hour for each driver, along with averages for your fleet overall. In this way, undesirable behaviors and habits can be identified – and either prevented, managed, or improved – so that your waste hauling business values its minutes better to reap dollar rewards over time.

And just like in Moneyball, you’ll be able to identify your undervalued players: the drivers who are doing everything right but who may be currently operating under your radar.

Armed with the data on everything from Average Drive Time and Average Time Speeding to Driver Distance and Total Heavy Acceleration — to just name a few reports available — you can determine where to focus the needed changes to your processes, employees, and overall fleet.

Want to know more? Contact us to request a demo of our Routeware software or our proprietary ROI calculator, to see how partnering with Routeware will create a “winning team” environment at your organization.