November Waste Industry Update

November Waste Industry Update

*We’ve put together the best waste industry news from November!*

Welcome back to Haul Good, your source for waste and recycling industry news and education with a focus on smart tech that moves the needle.

Let’s get right to it: This month’s issue of Haul Good comes packed with information to help make your waste and recycling operations safer and more fun — with an eye toward capturing lost revenues.

In our newest downloadable guide (below), learn how to create a safer workplace. Then check out our on-demand webinar to find out how to make recycling fun again with online gamification! Read about how the City of Waterloo (Iowa) is using technology to recapture $13,000 per month in previously lost revenue — and find out which grants can help if you’re looking for creative ways to fund your digital transformation.

It’s all here in Haul Good, your source for tech-focused waste and recycling news!

The Solid Waste Fleet Manager's Guide To Creating A Safer Workplace

On-Demand Webinar: Make Recycling Fun Again

Fix the problems of wish-cycling and contamination with a fun, interactive game.

Using a game to test and educate people on what they might be getting wrong when it comes to disposal helps lower recycling contamination and engages people meaningfully in waste programs.

Our Customers Do Great Things

Waterloo Truck

City of Waterloo, Iowa

Find out how the City of Waterloo, Iowa used Routeware to align billing with carts in the field, capturing an additional $13,000 per month in revenue.

Industry Updates

WasteCon 2022 Routeware

Visit With Us In San Diego!

Learn about our tools for smart waste and recycling operations at Routeware Booth #322 at WasteCon, Dec. 5-8 in San Diego, California!

Planning to attend? Let’s connect! 👇 Book meeting at the show — or anytime!

Industry Updates

EPA hierarchy newsletter

EPA reevaluates longstanding hierarchy of disposal

The US EPA is evaluating two well-known tools in materials management policy — the waste management hierarchy and the waste reduction model. Read more.

plastics enews

Greenpeace divisively says US plastics non-recyclable

A new report from Greenpeace says no plastics in the US meet the definition of recyclable. The head of a plastics group says that analysis could cause great environmental harm. Read more.


New FAVES candy is made with would-be food waste

Each package of Climate Candy from the US confectioner Spangler contains four servings of fruits and vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste at farms and grocery stores. Read more.

climatechange enews

The history of climate science dates back to the 1800s

The importance of maintaining the temperature of the earth’s surface is not a new observation but was first identified in 1827. Read more.

Meet The Team Behind The Tech

👋 Meet Sarah Herzig!

Sarah is known as “The Recycler” in her friend group, and she’s passionate about following the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — in that order.

“Reducing would be the number one thing—really trying to figure out ways that you can reduce because so many items are hard to recycle! And reusing or donating things and buying things from a donation center instead of buying new. So I find that all of those are really important,” she says.

Get to know Sarah in our latest blog!

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