Oakley, Dollywood, and Zero Heat Tolerance: Micah Stephens

Micah Stephens Employee Spotlight

In today’s Routeware Spotlight, we’re sitting down with Micah Stephens, one of our awesome customer support specialists. 

Micah has been with Routeware for just over a year now, and came to us after a friend told her she thought she would be a great fit! Prior to joining our team, Micah’s background includes her undergraduate degree in humanities and fine art photography, working in retail customer support roles, and data analysis for the Social Security Administration. 

During a typical day in her role, Micah works closely with other members of the customer support team who have built a strong, fun dynamic. Team members work together and bounce things off of one another, brainstorming and tackling tasks as a group whenever they can. Micah spends time on the customer support queue, helping clients troubleshoot any issues they might be having and answering their questions, and playing an integral role in ensuring our clients are taken care of and getting the most out of ReCollect’s tools.

In terms of how she lives “green” in her daily life, Micah explains:

“Working for ReCollect has definitely made me a lot more aware of everything that goes into recycling and waste. I’ve lived most of my life in places where recycling is not super accessible, so it’s been really cool to see ways that we’re helping, which definitely makes me want to do a better job.”

Micah goes on to mention that although she’s not a vegetarian, she no longer buys meat in an effort to reduce her carbon footprint. She also works from home and lives in the same apartment complex as two of her best friends from college. This means she doesn’t need to drive much, because there’s no commute to work and she can hang out with her friends without driving to meet them. 

Next, we wanted to hear in Micah’s words how she thinks we’ve innovated in tech to bring our customers what they need so far, and how she thinks we can improve on that moving forward.

She explains that giving our clients the tools to directly communicate with their residents and customers, even if they aren’t tech-savvy, has been game-changing. She also mentions how she sees firsthand how efficient it is that when there’s a delay, municipalities can send out a service alert through the app, rather than just not having any communication at all with their residents.

Micah also notes that Routeware’s ongoing efforts to add and upgrade automations that make clients’ (and their residents’) lives easier is well worth it.

Outside of work, Micah keeps busy with her dog Oakley, which she adopted last year. She also lives near family and enjoys spending time with them, as well as watching movies and flexing her creative talent with crafting. 

Fast Facts About Micah

Finally, we asked Micah some rapid fire questions to get to know her better. 

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself from one to 10 and why?

Zero! I have zero tolerance for heat—to me, black pepper is spicy.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

My team! I really love our meetings and the flexibility of working from home but still getting to communicate with the team throughout the day and during meetings.

What gets you through a hard day?


If you had super powers, what would they be and why?

Teleport! Then I could pop over to Dollywood for cinnamon bread, then over to Ireland, or wherever else I want, all in the same day. 

People on earth should…

Take more naps?

The world could do without…

Bumper stickers. Especially ones that give too much away about the people inside of the vehicles. 🪪♻️


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