Flying to the Grocery Store, Outdoorsing, and Reusable Mugs: Kinsey Elliott

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Today we’re chatting with Kinsey Elliott, a waste reduction and recycling specialist at Routeware. Read on to learn more about her!

On a typical day, Kinsey supports other team members by seeking out new customers who would benefit from our services and tools. This includes reaching out to municipalities and searching the news to figure out who’s having difficulty with their waste programs and seeing if we have tools that can help them. 

As for how Kinsey got started at Routeware, it began with her working for the municipality in the town of Banff, which is a customer of Routeware — that’s where she first heard about our company. When she saw the job posting, she jumped at it. Prior to that, she got into waste after doing a post-grad certificate in sustainable business leadership at British Columbia Institute of Technology, where her capstone project involved learning about waste policies, deconstruction and demolition, and other waste-related topics. This sparked her interest in the waste industry, and she ran with it!

We were curious how Kinsey lives green in her own life to try to protect the planet, and if working at Routeware has changed that at all.

She lists several ways, including:

  • Buying a lot of her clothes second-hand
  • Sorting her trash
  • Bringing a reusable mug when she gets coffee
  • Using reusable containers

When it comes to the most unique part of working at Routeware, Kinsey explains that the values of sustainability and zero waste make it unique. Additionally, even though most team members work remotely, everyone feels very connected and team-oriented. 

We also asked her:

How do our products help promote sustainability and help the environment?

She says: 

“Education is the biggest way to promote sustainability and help the environment. If people know what they can do, then they’re more likely to do it. People don’t want to hurt the planet, so when they have the tools we provide them, they’re equipped to do the little things that they can to help the environment. Having that information at their fingertips with products like the Waste Wizard or the Collection Calendar can make a big difference in people’s own understanding of what they’re doing.”

Kinsey lives in a small mountain town, and in her free time, she spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, including skiing and hiking.

Fast Facts About Kinsey

Lastly, we asked Kinsey some rapid fire questions to get to know her better. 

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself from one to 10 and why?

A middle range hot sauce—not too spicy, more of an approachable hot sauce. Something you can use every day.

What gets you through a hard day?

Coffee, music, and being outside.

If you had super powers, what would they be and why?

To be able to fly. Living in a remote town, the ability to go anywhere at any time would give Kinsey a lot more options…even for grocery shopping!

People on earth should…

Share more. We don’t need to be so individualistic. 

The world could do without…

Fast fashion and planned obsolescence. 👚♻️


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