Invest in Success – August 2022

Invest in Success

August Success Update

What is Customer Success at Routeware?

A group of passionate individuals whose goal is to proactively enable and empower our customers to get value out of our tools and knowledge, to achieve their goals.

How exactly do we do that? Great question. See below for the answer ⤵️

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Now, that all looks well and good in point form, but you might be asking for more specifics.

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As you read on, we hope you find some quality information that can help you both today and in the future. We will be updating this post monthly, to bring you all the best resources to assist you in your efforts to succeed and grow.

– The CS Team

Success eLearning

Support for Success: ReCollect as a Resource for Your Customer Service Team

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Your staff work hard to answer all the calls they face, but due to changes both scheduled and unpredictable, the phones are likely still ringing. Questions like “How do I dispose of unwanted furniture?”, “When will my garbage be picked up?”, or “How do I purchase bag tags?” can quickly become monotonous. Fielding these calls is a stressful job, so it’s important to support your customer service team with training and resources to ensure they are best equipped to respond effectively and efficiently.

Here’s how ReCollect can help:

Providing a Reliable Resource

As ReCollect administrators, your Waste Wizard & Calendar are kept up-to-date with the latest information for residents, so why not rely on this database to inform internally as well? When service staff answer the inevitable “how do I dispose of this?” calls they can simply search the Waste Wizard to ensure they are providing the latest information. This also helps reduce onboarding time for new members of the team! Similarly, the Calendar can provide staff with real-time information regarding collection days, service changes, and upcoming events.

Solving for the Root Cause

Many of the residents calling in are either unaware that online solutions are available or simply aren’t finding the answers they need. You can train service staff members to address these issues during each interaction to help solve recurrent calls. If a resident is not yet aware of the tools then service staff should be taking this opportunity to sign them up for reminders or help them to find and access the resource directly. If the information is missing from the ReCollect tool the service staff can suggest that material be added for future reference. Solving for a root problem is often an investment. It takes time to address the issues but the added steps will pay off when residents are able to self-serve in the future.

Improving Efficiency

If you’ve read ReCollect’s Essential Communication Guide you know phone calls are time-consuming and costly. Many communities already benefit from the impact the Calendar and Waste Wizard have on-call volumes but there are other solutions to consider. Many service staff members are fielding calls regarding special collection requests for furniture or appliances or directing residents to vendors for purchasing bag-tags & new bins. If either of these program-related calls are a problem area for your staff, we can help residents to self-serve through the use of our Special Collections tool and Online Payments!

Save Money With ReCollect

How Much Money Can ReCollect Save You?

The ROI of our tools are immense – especially when factoring in Print, Call Volume, and Web Change cost calculations.

Learn more by clicking the button below.

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Product Spotlight

How Special Collections Helps


Reduce Calls by Enabling Self Service

Lower call volumes and call length, while curbing illegal dumping with our digital special collection tool for pick up requests such as appliances or household hazardous waste.

Cut Unnecessary Calls
Are inbound calls jamming up your phone lines? You’re not alone.

Research shows us that over 60% of US consumers prefer online services over talking to a representative on the phone*.

Communities we serve have saved tens of thousands of hours worth of call time after implementing our digital solutions.

Fully Configured For Your Program
Configure your accepted items list and add preparation instructions.

Configure bookings by the number of collections available per day, month or year, certain routes or geographies, & number of items per booking.

Send collection reminders to cut down on missed pickups, and allow for cancellations up to a pre-determined cutoff time.

Daily Dispatch Report
Seamless integration means faster service times, so let the rubber hit the road without any speed bumps. Track all upcoming collections, service requests, and contact information with a daily dispatch report.

The Special Collection tool may also be integrated with your ticketing system so that all requests can follow your existing dispatch workflow.

Capture Revenue With Payments
Need to collect payment before delivering service? Use the Special Collection tool to capture revenue with our credit card payment integration feature.

Capitalize on convenience and increase program participation with online ordering and payment.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope you found it helpful.

If you’re looking for more information, if you’d like a demo of how our tools work, or if your customer service staff are feeling overwhelmed and you would like to discuss additional support, Let’s Connect! ♻️


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