What's the difference between Routeware and route optimization?

Route optimization software employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms and a wide range of variables that help you optimize and re-sequence your routes.

These new routes are then sent to the Routeware system, which tracks how they actually run in the field. You compare that data to the projection made by the route optimization software. This “theoretical-versus-actual” combination is very powerful for haulers seeking to create the most efficient routes possible.

If you’re not using route optimization software, you can still use the Routeware system to improve your routes. Easy-to-understand reports, maps, and statistics will help you uncover routing issues and driver coaching areas to address, resulting in a more efficient operation.

How does the Premium system handle alleys and cul-de-sacs for waste haulers?

Matching a can to a pick-up address in an alley or a cul-de-sac depends on several factors, including how far the can is from the house or building and how closely it has been pushed next to other cans. The GPS system is accurate to within five feet, so it may be able to match a can to its actual address, depending on how far it’s been relocated.

If the can is equipped with an RFID tag, the Routeware system can be equipped with an RFID reader to immediately match the can with the corresponding customer record.

Do you have a low-end tracking option?

Yes! Routeware offers our Basic and Basic PLUS products for fleets that do not need a full-featured on-board computing solution. Installing the affordable and “plug-and-play” devices is a great path to full-fleet deployment, since you can easily upgrade to Premium as your business and budget expands.

Big picture, what does the Premium system do?

The Routeware Premium system uses an on-board computer with powerful, easy-to-use analytics software that automates the entire routing process. Drivers track pickups, skips, and breaks on the on-board device. Supervisors, customer service agents, and dispatchers use the back-office software to see what’s happening in the field. The system works in real time.

Can we get rid of our current GPS system?

Yes. GPS tracking is built into the Routeware system. You can track your vehicles on a map in real time, run reports on vehicle location, speed, heading, and more.

How much time does it take to install the Routeware system?

With the Premium system we can generally have you up and running within 60 days of your signed order. For Basic, we can have you installed and running within 30 days of your signed order.

How many units can we install at once?

There is no limit to how many vehicles can be installed at once. We create an installation schedule that works for you.

Can we do our own installs in the vehicles?

Yes. We have a “train the trainer” program where we’ll install the first five vehicles and then supervise as your crew installs the next batch. We’ll make sure your mechanics are Routeware-certified by the time we’re done.

Do drivers like the Routeware system, or do they feel micro-managed?

Drivers are actually some of our biggest fans. With Routeware, they no longer have to deal with annoying paper log books, route sheets, and manual processes. There’s no more “he said/she said” when it comes to why a bin wasn’t picked up when the driver claims it wasn’t out on the curb in time and the customer insists it was. With the capture of every data point, responsible drivers have the proof they need via time-stamped photos, video, truck data, GPS points, and more.

Drivers also appreciate getting their work orders automatically in ways that are efficient and make sense, whether it’s getting the assistance they need if a truck breaks down or they’re sent on a helper route.

How secure are the units in the truck?

Very secure. For Premium, the units are mounted securely to the doghouse and use industry-standard RAM mounts to hold them securely in place. Additionally, the CPU is usually located in a part of the cab where it can’t be seen. Also, the on-board computing device doesn’t look like a consumer tablet, so it’s not likely to be identified by a thief as something they’d be tempted to steal.

How long is data kept?

Data collected by the Routeware system is kept in perpetuity.

Can we save on insurance if we implement the Routeware system?

The Routeware system offers some excellent safety benefits, helping reduce risk when the vehicles are in the field. In some cases, these benefits can result in a reduction of vehicle insurance rates. Check with your broker to see if this benefit is available to you.

Can Routeware Premium help me generate more revenue?

Yes, in several ways. First, your drivers can easily track all of the “extras” put out by customers. If you can bill for extras, you’ll see your revenue increase. If the truck is equipped with digital cameras, you’ll have absolute verification of the extra pickup should your customer try to dispute the charge.

Routeware can also help you increase your route density. Eliminating unnecessary route deviations and consolidating stops can help you add more revenue-generating customers.

Your drivers are always your best source of revenue. As they progress through their route, they can use the on-board computing device to send you messages about potential sales opportunities. These can easily be mapped and turned over to your sales force, who can work to turn these into new customers.

Can Routeware make our Customer Service department more efficient?

Absolutely. Instead of putting calls on hold and contacting the driver, customer information is available instantly, right at the Customer Service Representative’s desk. This helps reduce the average time/call, allowing for increased call volumes or decreased staffing requirements.  

Additionally, the objective information from the Routeware system eliminates the “us-versus-them” aspect of the customer relationship. Once customers realize that you are dealing with facts, not conjecture, CSRs are able to deliver faster, more accurate, and improved service.

Can the Routeware system improve route density?

Absolutely. The goal of the Routeware system is to improve route efficiency. That translates to more pickups per hour, meaning your trucks and drivers can do more work in the same number of hours they’re out today. Additionally, you can increase your roll-off pulls per hour ratio with the power of Routeware, leading to an increase in top-line revenue.

The inverse is also true. Using Routeware, haulers are able to consolidate route stops, resulting in fewer route hours and reduced vehicle and driver expenses. Those savings flow right to the bottom line, helping to generate the system’s excellent return on investment.

What industries can benefit from using the Routeware system?

While our roots are definitely in the solid waste hauling field, the Routeware system can benefit any fleet of any size in any many industries, including:

    • Waste
    • Food service
    • Beverage delivery
    • HVAC
    • Mining
    • Landscaping
    • Field service
    • And more