Drones, GIS, and EDM: Evan Lavine

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For today’s employee spotlight, we’re chatting with Evan Lavine, a senior data integration analyst at Routeware.

During a typical day, Evan could be doing any number of things, from helping troubleshoot for customers, getting reroutes integrated into the system, or onboarding customers, which includes building new processes to integrate their data into the system. He also works to improve efficiencies to both internal and external automations, which help customers receive more accurate information.

Prior to working with Routeware, Evan studied GIS and geography in college. He also worked on an inspiring research assistant project with drones and lidar (3-D laser scanning), which sparked his decision to become an entrepreneur and start up a drone corporation. Evan worked for a few years flying drones, including creating media for advertisement companies and filmmakers.

After that, he went back to school for more GIS studies because he loved it so much. He decided he wanted to work remotely and wanted to be in the tech industry, so when the opportunity to work at Routeware came up, it was a perfect fit. 

Outside of work, Evan is an outdoor enthusiast. He’s been going on canoe trips since he was seven, and he’s also an avid rock climber. He also bikes a lot, which is part of his effort to live a more green lifestyle. One day, he hopes to live “off grid” in a solar- or hydro-powered home. 

Evan explains that one of the most unique parts of working at Routeware is being part of such a unified team of positive, like-minded people who enjoy what they do. He also explains that he loves knowing he helps people feel more empowered by learning and knowing how to recycle.

By working at Routeware, he’s also become even more conscious and aware of different recycling practices. He’s always asking himself if he’s doing the best job at diverting waste where he lives, figuring out how he can do more to better the planet, and learn more about the systems we have in place for waste and recycling.

Fast Facts About Evan

Before we wrapped things up, we had some rapid fire questions to get to know Evan better.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself from one to 10 and why?

Okay, so I can be spicy; I can get heated. But through appearance, and through level headedness, I usually come off as a five. And it’s only if you shake the bottle enough, I become a seven. 

What gets you through a hard day?

Music! Lately, it’s EDM, but I’m a fan of all kinds of music, including jazz. I love how energizing EDM can be, especially on tough days. 

If you had super powers, what would they be and why?

To be able to speak with animals so I could advocate for them and really know what they need and be able to communicate that to other people for them. 

People on earth should…

Have more compassion for each other, regardless of their differences.

The world could do without…

Hate! And plastic. 🥽♻️


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