Celebrate Global Recycling Day by Leveraging Greentech

Global Recycling Day

Celebrate Global Recycling Day by Leveraging Greentech

Eco-conscious folks have long since known that environmental stewardship is a global cause. Since 2018, the Global Recycling Foundation has created several initiatives to highlight the importance of recycling and the significant impact it has on conserving our resources and protecting our planet—including Global Recycling Day, which is coming up March 18.

Each year, Global Recycling Day serves to remind leaders about the importance of combining our efforts to recycle while also urging people across the world to think of resources rather than waste. One way communities and organizations can join the cause and support this mission on Global Recycling Day—and every day—is by leveraging greentech to help reduce waste, safeguard our resources and build a greener future. 

Tap into Greentech

From route optimization solutions to digital outreach efforts, greentech can help you meet your waste-reduction and recycling goals while also automating, digitizing, or streamlining much of your work along the way.

In honor of the sixth annual Global Recycling Day and its mission, here are three solutions to consider bringing on board:  

Route OptimizationAt Routeware, you’ll find the only true route optimization system designed specifically for solid waste collection. Among its benefits, our route optimization allows you to:

  • Effectively balance workloads among your routes. 
  • Build better, safer routes.
  • Reduce the risk of disruption when you introduce new recycling streams or new collection routes. 

Not only does route optimization allow you to create more efficient collection routes, it ultimately allows you to execute your services using fewer trucks and drivers. As you curtail the number of trips your drivers take, you’ll also cut service costs and use less fuel while reducing your carbon emissions—all win-wins for your bottom line and the planet.  

Recycling Education: You can have the best recycling programs in the world and it won’t matter if the people you serve aren’t aware how to properly take advantage of them. When you focus your efforts on providing your audience with top-notch recycling education, you’ll not only reduce contamination in your recycling streams and lower your call volumes, but you’ll empower your community to recycle right and consider our resources, too. 

When you engage your audience with products powered by ReCollect, a Routeware company, you’ll:

  • Help people build better recycling habits by helping them quickly learn how to correctly recycle or dispose of any given item through mobile apps and website tools.
  • Divert more materials from the landfill.  
  • Lower your call volumes as your residents access the answers they need with easy-to-use apps and web tools. 

Most people want to recycle. But however well-intentioned your community may be, people don’t know what they don’t know. When you meet them where they are—online, on their computers, or on their phones and tablets—with the information they need, you can help guide them to change their behaviors and focus on protecting our planet’s resources by properly recycling or disposing of their waste.    

Instant Notifications: From inclement weather and holidays disrupting collection schedules to introducing new recycling streams, you’ll always be faced with situations that require you to connect with your residents as quickly as possible. Well-timed, engaging messaging can make all the difference, especially when it comes to helping people build better recycling habits and generate less waste.

Through Routeware’s software, digital outreach is easier than ever, allowing you to provide your residents with real-time updates, education and encouragement to increase participation, reduce recycling contamination and more while also lowering your call volumes and freeing up time for other administrative work. 

For instance, if you’ve noticed an uptick of aluminum cans in waste bins rather than recycling bins, you can connect with specific areas in your community and remind residents to recycle these items. Or, perhaps you’re shifting collection days for recyclables. Quickly getting the word out about any changes ensures that your residents will not miss these pickups, which could potentially cause people to throw recyclables into the waste bin while they wait for the next collection. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

While navigating the challenges of the solid waste and recycling industry is no easy feat, we can work together and lean on green technology to help protect our planet for generations to come and support the mission of Global Recycling Day, every day. 

Just as the Global Recycling Foundation urges people across the world to think again about what we throw away, we, too, can join this cause by leaning on technology to spread the word while meeting people where they already are: on their computers, tablets and smartphones.  

Leveraging greentech not only can help organizations and municipalities scale services and maintain a profitable bottom line, but it can also help meet recycling goals, curb contamination and foster better relationships with residents, customers and the people we serve. 

To learn more about how our greentech solutions for fleets and communities can support your goals and the Global Recycling Foundation mission of a greener future, connect with one of our waste and recycling professionals today. 


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