How to Attract, Keep, and Reward Waste Hauling Drivers


How to Attract, Keep, and Reward Waste Hauling Drivers

How to Attract, Keep, and Reward waste hauling drivers solutions Routeware
by Tom Malone, CEO

We don’t have to tell you that the driver shortage is a big issue in the waste hauling and recycling industry. You already know how hard it is to attract—and keep—solid, smart, dependable drivers. But what solutions are there to the driver shortage – and how does software and hardware address this?

The traditional approach to finding drivers is to offer one-time driver incentives, such as signing bonuses or assistance obtaining a CDL. But in the long run, these measures have a hard time reversing the reality that current career drivers are aging out with fewer new drivers coming up to take their place. So even as demand is increasing, the labor pool is decreasing.

4 Driver Shortage Solutions for Every Business

1. Position Your Company as the Employer of Choice to Combat Driver Shortage

Instead of struggling to keep up with a 95% driver turnover rate in the industry and a diminishing number of new drivers available, change your focus and become the employer of choice for drivers who want to work for you. You do this by rewarding them, on an ongoing basis, for the behavior that helps increase your bottom line and improves your customer satisfaction rates.

2. Define Metrics and Targets for Driver Reward Programs

Defining targets is something easy to say, but in reality, while determining critical metrics may be simple, measuring drivers against them is harder. If you’re going to base compensation, benefits, or other rewards on specific driver behaviors, you’d better be sure you have solid data to back up your decisions.

When we set up a customer with our Routeware fleet automation system, they are able to track and monitor the data on what the drivers are doing, and analyze it to determine how drivers measure up to pre-determined metrics. Thanks to our robust reporting pulled directly from the on-board computer devices and peripherals, you can easily manage and then reward your staff based on what works best for your company culture, your employees, and your specific work environment.

With Routeware’s fleet automation system in place, you have solid data to help you coach, train, and reward your drivers.

3. Create Coaching Plans to Foster Improvement

Measuring and rewarding obviously has advantages, but it won’t work if it only provides penalties to the employees being tracked. The goal is not to micromanage a driver’s every move, but to enable continuous coaching and improvements that benefit the driver. Employees in any business do better if they understand expectations and if the company actively manages those expectations. It is the same in waste hauling fleets, especially if the expectations are tailored to the uniqueness of each route and each driver. Nobody wants to be a bad driver, especially if they know they will be rewarded if they succeed. This concept is already accepted and demonstrated in sales force management, where goals are set and rewards are earned, and people strive for their own “personal best” against known targets.

4. Diversify Rewards and Benefits to Keep Your Best Performers

With the Routeware system in place, you have indisputable metrics and easy-to-understand visualizations based on objective data. This means you can reward drivers fairly and equitably. Thanks to these new efficiencies gained from using the Routeware system, you will have the added revenue to potentially raise compensation or add benefits such as a 401K, extra time off, or even a point-based reward system, thus reducing driver turnover. This ensures your business will attract higher-quality new employees as you rise above the competitors to become the employer of choice.

Need to get on top of your driver churn problem? Contact us today for more information on analyzing, optimizing, and rewarding your drivers with the Routeware system.