Happy HallowGreen 2023!

HallowGreen Challenge month
Happy HallowGreen!

October is HallowGreen Challenge month, designed to help educate the public on different things they can do to scare aware eco-anxiety, hosted by Random Acts of Green.

Per RAOG: “By taking action with our environmental challenge…we can engage local and global communities to participate in climate action. After all, not taking action for the planet is a grave mistake.”

Routeware – unaffiliated to RAOG – wants to raise awareness of this challenge as our mission aligns. We too want to participate in climate action – and we do, by helping combat improperly disposed of food waste, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption, and keeping recycling out of the trash and trash out of the recycling. For more details on us, please see the end of this blog.

Interested in helping scare away climate anxiety by participating in HallowGreen? Here’s how to do it:

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Happy HallowGreen Challenge month – let’s scare away eco-anxiety together.

P.S. How does Routeware help? Here are some of the environmental problems that Routeware betters:

✅ Climate Change:

Routeware is doing its part to combat Climate Change by helping cities, counties, and waste haulers cut the carbon emissions and environmental impact of their operations by using fewer trucks and burning less fuel.

Learn More Here

✅ Food Waste:

Our Program Tracker was built with municipal solid waste managers in mind, helping to meet food waste requirements like SB1383. As well, our educational tools help people quickly learn what goes in what bin, keeping organics out of the trash and recycling.

Learn More Here

✅ Plastics in the Ocean:

Keeping plastics out of the ocean, and out of our landfills, is a driving purpose for our education tools. We help people quickly learn what goes in what bin, keeping recycling out of the trash and trash out of the recycling.

Learn More Here


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