NEW Product Launch: Electronic DVIR

Electronic DVIR
Electronic DVIR: Why Not Paper?

Paper DVIR reports are faulty – they can easily be lost, incomplete, and rushed through (aka, pencil whipped). This leads to several issues, namely:

  1. The inability to retain proper data to be DOT compliant when inspectors come around
  2. Breakdowns of vehicles without an idea of when or how the issue came about
  3. And the possibility faults are missed and mechanics are not notified of them in time, or at all.

Together this can lead to safety, liability, and efficiency issues. 

Now with Routeware’s Electronic DVIR, drivers can more easily record all required vehicle and safety checks during pre and post-trip inspections, ensuring DOT compliance. Meanwhile, mechanics get the oversight they need while eliminating one of the last pieces of paper in the cab.

How does this solution benefit our customers?
Electronic DVIR makes it easier to collect and file completed reports, while reducing the need for printing and distributing paper.
The tool enforces completion of reports while preventing pencil-whipping, which means that reports become more reliable.
Quicker turnaround time on repairs.
Immediate access to reports available to inspectors.
Why is this important?
Drivers launch the inspection form directly from the onboard computer app for seamless integration, keeping reports from being lost, being stored improperly, or delaying operations.
Every listed item must be reported and dealt with in order to complete the inspection.
The right people are notified of faults, allowing for quicker fixes and accountability at all levels.
Drivers can easily pull up the DVIR and show inspectors when needed.
Mechanics can sign in and see all records with faults across the fleet for quick inspection and reporting
More reliable reports mean they can become more effective in driving efficient operations.
Administrators and office managers can easily pull up historical DVIR records on demand.
Reports from electronic DVIR are based on inspection data and are easy to pull together.
Can limit data retention policy to federal DOT requirements, or extend to state regulation where needed.

The Routeware Electronic DVIR allows drivers to record all required vehicle and safety checks during pre and post-trip inspections, ensuring DOT compliance and eliminating one of the last pieces of paper in the cab. The product will be usable with our existing applications, rwMobile and eMobile, providing seamless integration without the need for additional hardware or additional driver software training.

Interested in discussing how Electronic DVIR will benefit you, your mechanics, and your drivers today? Let’s Talk.


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