2023 Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) – A Better Way with Tim Adkins

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report with Tim Adkins

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Video Transcript Below - Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

If you’re operating a fleet of waste collection vehicles, then the driver vehicle inspection report, or DVIR, is nothing new. You’ve had to do pre and post trip inspections for DOT compliance purposes for years. And you might also have asked yourself if there’s a better way. After all, it’s 2023—do we really need to be buying, distributing and storing paperwork all the time? And more importantly, what can we do to further improve the safety of people working in the waste industry while also reducing our own waste in terms of materials and inefficient processes?

You know just how time consuming and error-prone compiling and communicating mechanical issues between drivers, mechanics and supervisors can be. 

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, or Electronic DVIR, means that drivers can now communicate with mechanics and safety supervisors with better accuracy and timeliness about issues that may require further attention, or potentially taking a truck off the road. Fleet managers meanwhile stand to gain from better reporting and pattern detection. Traditional paper workflows require multiple touch points, and take time to get into the proper hands. This can lead to important information being wrong—or missed entirely—leading to more breakdowns, service disruptions, less than full usage of your fleet, or even catastrophic consequences relating to safety.

Meanwhile, in the cab, “pencil whipping” means that drivers are barely even checking the box. Requiring drivers to check each item makes reports more reliable and operationally useful.

Once the report is complete, automatic PDF generation means you can have instant visibility and access to the completed report for DOT inspections or audits, while drivers also have them in the cab for use in the field.

Routeware’s new electronic DVIR means that you can incorporate this part of your driver’s workflow into everything else they do after they step in the cab, because you shouldn’t have to become an expert in how to make systems from different vendors all work well together.

We’re making it easier for drivers to accurately report problems as they emerge, to automatically notify mechanics and other users once they are reported, all while staying compliant with state or federal regulations. Ultimately, with fewer errors and faster turnarounds, you’ll be able to measure the impact in safety, more efficient communications & maintenance and use of fleet  resources.

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