Seven Signs You’re Ready for a New Enterprise Management System

Many haulers know they will need to change back office and billing solutions over time. They know their processes and systems aren’t scalable.

Best-in-class haulers can say ‘yes’ to more customers without adding overhead. Their processes are so streamlined, everyone can focus on their job and not ‘busy work.’ Information available to everyone who needs it, not locked in someone’s head. They only use paper for drawing doodles or sending thank-you notes. And they rely on self-service tools that make both customers and employees happy.

But how do you know when it’s time to find a new solution?

The times, they are a-changing

You may already be using general-purpose software from the big brands to manage accounting, billing, and work orders. Is it time to move beyond spreadsheets, email, and a generic accounting package to integrate all operations in a single enterprise management system? Here are six signs to look for in your operations:

1 – Customer demand exceeds your ability to deliver. You’ve got business knocking at your door, but you don’t have the capacity to serve them. Being bogged down in paperwork is a poor excuse for not pursuing new business opportunities. Don’t let business stagnate because your systems can’t handle growth.

2 – Internal friction. If accounting is always blaming your operations team when something doesn’t go right, or the other way around, you can’t just order people to ‘get along.’ Interpersonal problems often fester when processes are clunky or disconnected. And a lot of time can be wasted fixing little things that are symptoms of bigger issues.

3 – DIY solutions. If building a new spreadsheet is your team’s answer to a new business process, you may want to consider it a cry for help. You can admire their take-charge ingenuity, but it’s the twenty-first century and your team doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. The build-or-buy  decision is much easier now that purpose-built all-in-one enterprise management solutions are available for the waste industry.

4 – Still too much paper. If your people aren’t able to input information directly into the system without passing notes, Post-its, or emails, that’s a sign that your systems are either disconnected or too complex for ordinary users. Paper and email is also more prone to misinterpretation and delay.

5 – Poor system support. If the vendors for your current software can’t support the product to your satisfaction, or if they don’t have waste-industry knowledge, you’re not getting full value out of the product. Support is an important component of a software subscription that makes sure you’re investing in a solution that provides the kind of productivity you’re looking for.

6 – Jammed radio waves. In the same way excessive paper is a sign of inefficiency, heavy reliance on radio communications also indicates a need for better systems. Verbal communications are disruptive, imprecise, and often don’t get documented. With digital work orders, your drivers, mechanics, and service personnel can better organize their work and follow through on expectations.

7 – Slow response and lack of intel. When you can’t handle customer complaints and inquiries promptly, your drivers are spending too much time (and fuel) on go-backs, and you don’t have verifiable insights into how different drivers run their routes, you’re ready for an enterprise system with integrated onboard computers and cameras, too.

Think of an enterprise management system as the neural network that ties your operations together. A system that’s interconnected and industry-specific provides benefits to your team and to the bottom line. More efficient processes don’t just help everyone do more, they empower your team to serve customers better.

If you identify with any of these signs, your business has outgrown your existing system. When this is the case, business growth will be held back by systems rather than by market demand. Changing can be simpler than you think, and the transition cost is often dwarfed by the administrative and opportunity costs of not making a change.

Learn more. Ready level up your operation and explore enterprise management? We’re here to help! Let’s talk.


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